The Trick Was to Stay Alive: My Road Trip to Michael Myers Mecca

Yesterday I took a two-hour-and-a-half-hour pilgrimage up I-85 North to Hillsborough, North Carolina, the home of “The Myers House, NC.” The house is an authentic replica (down to the last detail) of the original Myers Place seen in Halloween (1978). It’s so accurate, it’s eerie. You drive up an unpaved road, through a forest, and out into this open area. And there, surrounded by woods, is The Myers Place.

My journey wasn’t all for curiosity’s sake and fun (though it was undeniably fun): I was joining -up with a film crew from A & E there; one preparing a program about John Carpenter’s seminal slasher flick. The special, Halloween: The Inside Story is due to air in October, and I was interviewed for about 90 minutes by a delightful and well-prepared crew.

I was also introduced to Kenny Caperton (pictured next to the Michael Myers mask in the fourth picture down), the owner and proprietor of “The Myers House, NC.” He’s a great guy, and is a rabid collector of all this incredible Halloween memorabilia, including the British one-sheet poster pictured at the top of this post. He also owns a Michael Myers mask autographed by Dick Warlock, George Wilbur and the other actors who have played “The Shape” in the movies.

Recently, Kenny shot his own 25-minute Halloween-related tribute movie, “Judith,” inside the house. I gave him a copy of my book, The Films of John Carpenter, and he gave me the grand tour of Michael’s digs. I have to admit, the first time I saw The Shape’s face glaring out from the foyer…I was taken aback. Jeez! Kenny quickly informed me they only put out the Shatner Mask for visitors…

It was quite a day, and quite an adventure — especially for a writer who doesn’t get out of the house much — and here’s the link to The Myers House, NC. Check it out! I’ll also be writing more about Halloween: The Inside Story as the broadcast date nears.

6 responses to “The Trick Was to Stay Alive: My Road Trip to Michael Myers Mecca

  1. Pretty incredible, John. Sounds like you had a blast!

  2. This is the kind of stuff, and Kenny is the kind of fellow, that makes America great! I love this place!Sounds like a trip!

  3. That looks like it was quite a fun trip, John. Now all you need to do is come out to the left coast and visit some of the locations in South Pasadena and Sierre Madre used for that film. The Shatner mask will be on me (hehe). Thanks for this.

  4. Hey everybody!Thanks for the comments! I indeed had a great trip. It made me want to take some other horror-themed road trips for the blog.I know that the remains of the original Evil Dead cabin are somewhere in the Tennessee woods…best to all,JKM

  5. Halloween is my all-time favorite horror film and in my all-time top 5. . .I am officially jealous.Will

  6. I was going to be angry with you. How could you come to L.A. and not visit?! šŸ™‚ Then I realized it was a replica house in N.C. Very cool! I've been in the real one (and past it 1000 times–and it fooled me!Mateo

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