Now Available For Pre-Order!

My latest book is now up at for pre-order. It’s part of a new series by Limelight Editions called “Music on Film.” Order your copy today!


6 responses to “Now Available For Pre-Order!

  1. John, anyway to get the author to sign their copy of the book (or any of his other books)? Thanks for this.

  2. Hey Le0pard13:Thank you for that, my friend. I'm honored.If you want, you could e-mail me, and we could arrange something!Best,JKM

  3. So when's the book tour? ; )

  4. Well, the Boston gig has been canceled. But my manager says not to worry: it isn't a big college town…:)Thanks, J.D.!best,JKM

  5. John, I'm surprised that your middle name isn't on the book cover. Isn't that how you identify yourself, professionally?

  6. Hi Howard!Yeah, that's true! best,JKM

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