Collectible of the Week: Big Jim Rescue Rig (Mattel; 1971)

Well, I haven’t focused much on nostalgia and toys here for a while (since before Christmas 2009, and my post on Kenner’s Super Powers Line, I believe.)

But, as you may or may not recall, I have been endeavoring to get for my boy, Joel (age 3) the entire Big Jim toy line that I had as a kid. Of course, this occurs as time and budget permits…or whenever the mood strikes and I get a few minutes alone on E-Bay. Don’t tell Kathryn! (Kidding, Honey, really…).

I have already acquired for Joel the Big Jim Camper, the Sky Commander playset and the Big Jim Safari House. But just this week, I nabbed one of the most well-known vehicles from the Mattel line: The Big Jim “Rescue Rig” from 1971.

The rig, though made from the same mold as the sports van, is a bit longer than the camper, and originally sold for about $13.00 back in the disco decade. The huge vehicle, described as “a large mobile unit,” features an “Adjustable Rescue Boom” cherry picker, plus such accessories as a fire-axe and hook pole. The Rescue Rig came originally with a remote control “communications center” that could “relay six emergency calls” too. Unlike the camper, the Rescue Rig’s entire aft section opens up to serve as a kind of first-aid station.

Replete with intensive care unit and rescue basket, the Big Jim “Rescue Rig” is quite the cool 1970s toy actually, and Joel’s arrived yesterday afternoon in the mail (in a huge box.)

As of 8:30 am this morning, The Rescue Rig has already done approximately 100 “rescue runs” down our long drive-way…and is no doubt bound for further adventures in the wilds of our back yard.


5 responses to “Collectible of the Week: Big Jim Rescue Rig (Mattel; 1971)

  1. JohnI bet you never thought you'd be writing about the BIG JIM RESCUE RIG back when you were living large as a child.The things we do for the fun of parenting, especially since it's probably BIG JOEL'S RESCUE RIG now.

  2. Okay Mattel, time for a Big Jim revival!

  3. I remember playing with this toy over 30 years ago. I had a 6 million dollar man not a ken doll. folding Scott towel as blankets, good times indeed.

  4. Ha, I just gave our son (4) my husband’s Big Jim set. He it thrilled. Big Jim is soo cool. Unfortunately Big Jim’s arms and hands came off as soon as we touched him.. That’s okay mom, he is still Awesome!

  5. I have the Rig in my collection too. Big Jim is a cool toy line. I produce repro vinyl decals for all the BJ figures and vehicles. Anyone needs something LMK –>>> — Bobby

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