The Cult-TV Faces of: Mark Lenard


8 responses to “The Cult-TV Faces of: Mark Lenard

  1. Ok….here we go…..#1; Romulan Commander, Star Trek "Balance of Terror"#2:Sarek, Star Trek "Journey to Babel"#3:Aristo Skora, Mission:Impossible 'Nitro"#4:Urko, Planet of the Apes, Unknown episode#5:Mr Slater, Incredible Hulk, "Captive Night"???#6:Commander Perel Sightings, otherworld, "The Zone Troopers Build Men"I am confidant for my first 3 and for Urko, but the 5th and 6th ones are real shots in the dark.I do miss This fine character actor. I always enjoyed his appearances in Mission, as well as Star Trek. Mission also had several other top notch character actors, including:John VernonJohn LarchLloyd BochnerAlbert PaulsenPernell RobertsBarry SullivanRuth RomanAnthony ZerbeJohn ColicosLogan Ramsayand many many others……Damn, now i know why I don't watch too many newer shows, all the character actors I grew up with are gone:-(

  2. 1. Romulan Commander from "Star Trek: Balance of Terror"2. Sarek in "Star Trek: Journey To Babel"3. Mission Impossible4. Urko from "Planet of the Apes"5. Ambassador Duvoe from "Buck Rogers: Journey to Oasis"6. Commander Perel Sightings from "Otherworld: The Zone Troopers Build Men"Mark Lenard was a very good actor and a nice guy. You can hear interviews with him from 1985 and 1988 at

  3. 1. Romulan Commander: Star Trek (OS), BALANCE OF TERROR.2. Sarek: Star Trek (OS), JOURNEY TO BABEL.4. Urko: Planet of the Apes (t.v. series). Can't name the episode, though.5.Duvoe: Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, OASIS two parter.

  4. Top picture Star Trek:Balance of Terror as the Romulan Commander.2nd phot as Sarek from Star Trek the original series.I'd say picture 3 looks like an episode of Mission Impossible.4 is Urko from Planet of the Apes. % is from Buck Roger's in the 25th Century and the last one is from Otherworld:The Zone Troopers Build Men I think !!

  5. If only there was some sort of clue as to the origin of picture No.4. Some special make-up or something that the actor was wearing 😉

  6. Hi everybody, Great job recognizing the various roles/episodes of Mark Lenard.Dan Briggs: you were the first to get all the roles save for # 5. Congrats.Howard – you got all the roles right, including # 5, which was Duvoe from Buck!But everydone did a fantastic job!!!best,John

  7. I never noticed before how similar Mark Lenard looks to Martin Landau.

  8. Nate:It's funny you mention that. I've always thought there was a similar appearance/physicality among Lenard, Landau, Leonard Nimoy and Jonathan Frid. They are all the same type; with similar coloring even.And they are all awesome…Thanks for the comment!best,JKM

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