Pushing it to the Limit? De Palma and the Music Video on Film

Scarface – Push it to the Limit
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8 responses to “Pushing it to the Limit? De Palma and the Music Video on Film

  1. In the "Frankie" one, I love the Norma Desmond-ish woman descending the stair case that the reflection of the film crew in the mirror. I'm not sure I understand the enticement of Scarface with some of the Rap/Hip Hop artists. It's a story of excess and how that self built kingdom begins to unravel slowly but surely as the paranoia sets in, fueled by not only the drugs, but by an inner need to control one's environment whether by force, manipulation, intimidation, or by monetary means. Everyone loves the rich guy as long as the party keeps going, but Tony is all alone at the end, and all his empire can't save him. King Soloman, the wisest, richest king in all Jewish history said…" I looked upon the labors of man and found that all is vanity and grasping for the wind."Dreaded DreamsPetunia Scareum

  2. The vids for this post are fantastic, John. I really love the RELAX music video for BODY DOUBLE sequence — that use of the mirror at the mid point is such a tease to the audience! Both of these really take me back to that era as I watch them. Thanks for this.

  3. Trick or Treat Pete:I love your comment there about Scarface and the glorification of the gangster Tony Montana in certain corners. You are absolutely right. The movie is certainly a cautionary tale, about "pushing it to the limit" and a tragic fall…it's not at all a business plan for a happy life, that's for sure.But I like how you put it — so artfully — with King Solomon, and that quotation. Perfect!Thanks for that.best,John

  4. Le0pard13: I totally agree with you. I watched that video and had the uncontrollable desire to watch Body Double again. That video (and the movie) are downright hypnotic. I was missing writing about De Palma around these parts, so I found those vids and put em up.thanks, my friend,John

  5. Gosh, I completely forgot FGTH performed that song for Body Double.Frankie rocks! Relax has to be one of the finest pop songs of the decade.I'm not embarrassed to say, though perhaps I should be, but I know way too much about the 80s. I love Welcome To The Pleasuredome. It remains a classic recording. Everything else after that by the assembled group was shite. Producer Trevor Horn made a masterpiece of that album with that group.In fact, I loved the male moustached foil vocalist for Holly Johnson, Paul Rutherford, so much so I actually have his one solo recording.Great stuff. Then add a sex scene with Melanie Griffith and its magic.

  6. Wow, that BODY DOUBLE clip was a sobering reminder of how hot Melanie Griffith was back in the day! Yowza…It reminds of how the film's initial release was marred by all that controversy and now that some time has passed and the dust has settled maybe De Palma's film will get the reappraisal it deserves…

  7. @JKM, well thankyou my brother from another mother. You think that was artful, you should see what I can do with playdo! Dreaded DreamsPetunia Scareum

  8. Sci-Fi Fanatic: I love this sequence — and the song — from Body Double. And I agree with you about the sex scene. Wow! :)J.D. I agree with you on the hotness of Melanie Griffith. Indeed. And this movie is really due for a re-evaluation, as you say. The reviews were toxic…but the movie stands the test of time.Trick or Treat Pete:Ha! I play with a lot of PlayDoh myself these days (with my three year old…). :)best to all,John

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