Sci-Fi Wisdom of the Week

“Blood has no nationality”

-Gattaca (1997)


4 responses to “Sci-Fi Wisdom of the Week

  1. Woodchuckgod:Yes, I still find Gattaca inspiring, in a very deep way. I think it stands the test of time; a great nineties-era sci-fi-er.Thanks,John

  2. I always enjoyed Gattaca. Great line. It's interesting that political ideology or national identity or pride, for better or worse or what have you seems to have an impact globally on perceptions. I'm writing this rather quickly and may not be articulating my thought clearly.

  3. Hey Sci-Fi Fanatic: I think you articulated it perfectly. We should remember that blood knows no nationality, and in the world today, many of us have a hard time with that, alas.Couldn't have said it better! :)best,John

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