Coming Soon: The De Palma Thrillers!

Just a quick heads-up on this upcoming event, but I’m participating in a series of broadcasts created by Movie Geeks United! to pay tribute to director Brian De Palma (and his thrillers…) on the occasion of the director’s 70th birthday.

De Palma a La Mod reports the schedule:

Brian De Palma will turn 70 on September 11th, and Movie Geeks United! is preparing a fantastic-looking slate of shows that week leading up to the occasion, with a rich line-up of special guests. The guests are still being added, but here is what they have so far:

The De Palma Thriller: SISTERS – Monday, September 6 at 10pm EST
featuring special guests author/critic John Kenneth Muir and producer Edward R. Pressman.

The De Palma Thriller: CARRIE – Tuesday, September 7 at 10pm EST
featuring special guests author/critic John Kenneth Muir, actress Nancy Allen, and additional insights from critic Armond White.

The De Palma Thriller: DRESSED TO KILL – Wednesday, September 8 at 10pm EST
featuring special guests author/critic John Kenneth Muir, actress Nancy Allen, actor Keith Gordon, and producer George Litto.

The De Palma Thriller: BLOW OUT – Thursday, September 9 at 10pm EST
featuring special guests author/critic John Kenneth Muir, actress Nancy Allen, and producer George Litto, with additional insights from cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond.

The De Palma Thriller: RAISING CAIN – Friday, September 10 at 10pm EST
featuring special guests author/critic John Kenneth Muir and editor Paul Hirsch.

More details about when and where the show is airing will follow…so stay tuned!


11 responses to “Coming Soon: The De Palma Thrillers!

  1. I'm not going to miss this!!! Sounds positively wonderful. And you're participating, JKM? Even better. Thanks for letting your readers know, John.

  2. Hi Le0pard13:Thanks for the comment, my friend.I recorded several segments (on Sisters, Carrie, Dressed to Kill, Blow Out and Raising Cain) a couple of weeks back, and had a blast doing the interview session. I think the series is going to be really amazing. My interviewer, Jamey, was knowledgeable, super-prepared and had great, insightful questions. He was just… incredible.I'll let you know more as I do!best,JKM

  3. these are fantastic movies! I haven't watched Blow Out in years!Dreaded DreamsPetunia Scareum

  4. Hey, how about The Fury? Do you think it warrants being included? I wonder why they left it out.

  5. Hi folks,Trick or Treat Pete: We had a great conversation on Blow Out, which — according to critical consensus anyway, may be De Palma's best.Clayton: You know, we DID discuss The Fury, actually. So I know it was on Jamey's mind, and it was his intent to include it. It may just be he was able to get more guests on the other films. I don't think it was meant to be a slight in any way; we both talked very positively about the film…best,John

  6. Dumb question, but will these be shown online? At that site? Watched "Blow Out" just a couple nights ago… out of nowhere flipping around…such a great film.

  7. Hi Indianhoop, not a dumb question at all. These are audio broadcasts, all of which will be available online. I'll post site info (linkage…) as we get closer to the date of premiere. And I agree with you about "Blow Out." Fantastic movie!thanks for commenting,John

  8. These sound awesome. Can't wait to check 'em out!

  9. Very cool John–I'll definitely listen!Steve

  10. Hi J.D. and SteveW: I'll provide more info as soon as I have it, so you can check out the broadcasts. I'm very excited about them…should be a great series…best,JKM

  11. Series does sound awesome. I also wanted to make special mention of Sisters–incredible that it was out of print and so hard to get for so long. I had the distinct pleasure of seeing a screening of it here in NYC with Margot Kidder as the special guest for a Q&A afterwards–she was gracious and hilarious about the making of it, apparently she and de Palma were shacking up together at the time in a beach house near Malibu, just hoping the movie would pay for itself so they could make more movies.. and how they did.. just not together!

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