The Cult-TV Faces of: The Corridor

Also, check out the “faces” of cinematic sci-fi corridors, here, at Den of Geek.

17 responses to “The Cult-TV Faces of: The Corridor

  1. I'm going to take a stab at #7 – Logan's Run?

  2. Fine pictorial! All that's missing is a corridor shot from the original STAR TREK with people walking up and down it, all in a hurry to get somewhere…out there…THATAWAY!

  3. 6 is Quark, 7 is Logan's RunThat's all I got so farDreaded DreamsPetunia Scareum

  4. I think I recognise 9 as the V mothership from the original series. Is that Michael Wright I see there?

  5. Isn't this supposed to be a competition??? Where is everyone??Anyway even though I only know a couple, I'll make a start. Maybe someone can fill in the gaps.No. 3 of course is from Space:1999No. 7 is from Logan's Run I think (the guns look very Logan-y)[No.5 looks like Kubrick had his hands all over it. There is something rather sinister about that young boy … lol. I know Kubrick didn't do tv so I have no idea :D]And No.4 has something Space:1999-y about it. I think it may be that "sculpture" to the right hand side. Its not from that first series episode with Joan Collins, "Mission of the Darians" maybe??Anyway since all corridors in space look the same, that will have to do for now. I sure someone out there can spot most of these a mile off.Best wishesHarveyP

  6. No. 5 is from Space Academy, the Saturday morning show from Filmation.

  7. woodchuckgod: You got number 7, my friend. That's the TV version of Logan's Run, all right! Nice job!Hi Fang Shih-yu: Thank you! I should have had a Star Trek photo in there but I was pressed for time (away for the weekend and couldn't find a decent shot quickly). And yes, you got number 5 right…that's Space Academy!Trick or Treat Pete: Yes! You correctly named Quark and Logan's Run! Excellent! And yes, 3 is Space:1999. Super well-done, my friend!Henry: Extra-points there, buddy, for spotting Michael Wright in the corner too. Yep…V the Series it is (one of my all-time favorite sci-fi tv corridors; on the mothership!)HPrice: My apologies — no comments got through because I was away for the weekend. My apologies. I thought I would be able to get near a computer, but no such luck. But I have to tell you, you are on the right track with number 4…it is sort of Space:1999-ish…but not quite!(but you correctly guessed 1999 for number 3 as well!)Thanks everyone, we've still got some un-guessed corirdors here: #1, #2, #4, #8 and # 10. There are some toughies there!best to all,JKM

  8. Oh boy, John, could number 4 really be from "The Day After Tomorrow"??? The pilot Gerry Anderson did after Space:1999??? The one which I saw when I was a kid, and then tried tracking down for 30 years before I finally came across it on this here website?? … the only place on the entire internets I could find it??? Anyway, if not then I really want to say thanks for helping me track down something that was literally driving me nuts … and for something that left a really deep impression on my young mind :D.Anyhow, many thanks,and best wishesHarvey what? and no Black Hole?? The kids film with the darkest, weirdest, scariest and most metaphysical ending in movie history?? 😀 … nahh that would have been too easy hehe.

  9. ps … apology accepted, JKM 🙂 I thought the whole world had gone loopy for a second there :D. Anyway, I hope you had a good time away,Best wishesHarvey P.

  10. 1) ?2) Starlost3) Space 19994) Star Maidens ?5) Space Academy6) Quark7) Logan's Run8) Buck Rogers9) V10)Power Rangers in Space ?

  11. JohnLoved the corridors theme. Corridors in science fiction and horror are truly magnificent. They are so wonderfully detailed and are characters unto themselves indeed. Great look at them. I really loved the images here and at DOG.A fairly difficult exercise too.#1 is UFO.All the best.SFF

  12. Andrew: Wow, you nailed # 4, Star Maidens! Incredible!And Sci-Fi Fanatic, I knew you would recognize UFO (the clip is from "Identified") Great job!That still leaves # 10…best to all,JKM

  13. Andrew, that's a great guess. But number 10 is not Tek War!Best,JKM

  14. John, you're going to have to spill the beans on #10. I have spent TOO much time today trying to find this one… The only thing I've dug up is a picture of JJ Abrams standing in that same hallway from a different view: I don't recognize this hallway from any of his shows: Fringe, Alias, Lost, etc..It's driving me nuts.

  15. Nick — J.J. Abrams is the link. This is a photo of the entrance corridor to APO (Authorized Personnel Only) in the fourth and fifth seasons of Alias! Good job tracking it down (and sorry it drove you crazy…)That's it, I guess. Good job everybody!best,John

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