The Cult-TV Faces of: The Monster of the Week


14 responses to “The Cult-TV Faces of: The Monster of the Week

  1. 1) is the gremlin on the wing that bothered Shatner in The Twilight Zone.20) is the flatworm monster from early on The X-Files – I distinctly remember my friends shrieking at that reveal!22) and 23) are from Buffy – the Gentlemen from Hush and the demon from Once More With Feeling.

  2. The last are from Buffy (Hush&Once More with Feeling).Dunno about the rest.

  3. #8 is from Star Trek, original series. That episode gave me the unholy heebie-jeebies the first time I watched it as a kid.I want to say #7 is as well, honestly.

  4. I'll be honest here – I had no clue.. zero.. about #6… other than the obvious. I saw a large… carroty gentleman.. with a friendly and genial smile on his face. Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood?On a whim I did a little Googling. Lost in Space?.. huh. How 'bout that.NO idea. Feel like I -should know 11, 13, and 14, but I'm drawing blanks.

  5. #4 looks like an Outer Limits to me–Cold Hands Warm Heart I believe.I suspect #9 and/or #11 are Night Stalkers, but am not sure.

  6. #7 is definitely the salt-sucking monster from Star Trek, and now I'm thinking #10 might be Night Stalker as well. Primal Scream? #9 looks like the Spanish Moss Murders. Hm, which Night Stalker is #11? Was it Horror in the Heights or the witch one?

  7. No. 18 is the space vampire from the "Space Vampire" episode of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century.More great shots, John!

  8. Have to say that the monster coming out of the sand in #3 looks like an Outer Limits to me as well, but don't know which one…

  9. #13: The Dragon from 'Dragon's Domain', Space 1999#14: The Beta Monster, 'The Beta Cloud', Space 1999#15 Space critter, 'Space Warp', Space 1999

  10. Wow, you guys and gals are knocking this one out of the park!Strange Powers; You successfully tagged # 1 ("Nightmare at 20,000 Feet from the Twilight Zone") and the two Buffy entries at the bottom of the catalog, Hush and Once More with Feeling!Woodchuck, you are on the right track with # 8 (Star Trek) and getting there on Lost in Space!Steve W: You are amazing, buddy! You got a toughie there (Outer Limits, "Cold Hands, Warm Heart") plus the Salt Vampire from "The Man Trap." You also correctly guessed the Kolchak episode "Spanish Moss Monster!" Wow!)Meredith: Excellent! You correctly tagged the series and episode titles for Space:1999 – Dragon's Domain, The Beta Cloud and Space Warp!Fang Shih-yu, you correctly identified the Vorvon from Buck Rogers, "Space Vampire!" Great. And thank you for the kind words about the pics.Amazing! We've still got a few out there if there are any takers…best to all,JKM

  11. Number 3 is the Sand Beast from THE OUTER LIMITS Original Series episode, The Invisible Enemy. I love the creatures that series put forward. Thanks, John.

  12. 12 – Doctor Who:The Ark in Space !!

  13. 19 – Doctor Who:The Caves of Androzani

  14. Le0pard13: Yes, you got the episode title and monster from "The Invisible Enemy." – Not a Land Shark (Chevy Chase alert!) but a Sand Shark.Andrew: Nice job grabbing those British monsters of the week; the Wirrn from "Ark in Space" and the monster from Peter Davison's swan song, "Caves of Androzani."Great job, everyone!best,JKM

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