The Cult-TV Faces of: The Evil Twin

This week, we focus on that famous old staple of sci-fi television: the evil twin or (malevolent…) duplicate of a main character. 

Now, you will likely recognize the actor playing the evil duplicate/twin, so this time out, please (in your comments)  name the series, episode title and the name of the evil twin (if there is one)!


7 responses to “The Cult-TV Faces of: The Evil Twin

  1. 7. Ah the Hoff. This is of course the original (and the one and only) Knight Rider. The evil twin is Garth Knight. I dont remember the name of the episode/s unfortunately. I remember he appeared in a two parter at some point and then later reappeared again.10. Is Futurama of course, "The Lesser Of Two Evils", and good old Flexo. Although this image is technically NOT the evil twin. Haha, thanks for reminding!

  2. 9. is a mirage of some sorts of agent Emma Hollis played by Klea Scott in the third season Millennium episode Seven and One.

  3. So far so good!Henry, you correctly identified the Hoff as Garth Knight, which is great — "Goliath" would be the episode, two-parter, I think. And 10 is Bender/Flexo from "Futurama," just as you noted.Josef: Great job! That's the sinister mirage of Emma Hollis from Millennium's "Seven and One," just like you said. That's my cult-tv flashback for tomorrow, to, by the way, so stay tuned…best,JKM

  4. #3: 'Seed of Destruction', Space: 1999, both characters supposed to be John Koenig

  5. Meredith: yep, Kalthon lives! Excellent job…best,JKM

  6. Is that Electra Woman and Dyna Girl?? I remember that…

  7. Andy, that is indeed Electra Woman and Dyna Girl, a Krofft show from the bicentennial age. Electro-comps activated!best,JKM

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