The Cult-TV Faces of: Sid Haig


8 responses to “The Cult-TV Faces of: Sid Haig

  1. I think we've got a typo. I know this fellow as Sid Haig.Love your work!

  2. Jackson T: Oh dear. Off my game here, I see. Yep, typo there! Typo corrected.Thanks Jackson,best,John

  3. 4. The Genie from Electra-Woman and Dyna-Girl.5. Dragos from Jason of Star Command.6. Spirot from Buck Rogers in the 25th Century: Flight of the War Witch.

  4. Hard to believe this guy was actually in a sitcom, the short-lived Just the Ten of Us! (He played "Janitor Bob"!)Nice pictorial! I'm sure he'd like seeing this!

  5. Howard, my friend, you accurately named every Sid Haig photo here from the 1970s. Fantastic.Fang-Shih-Yu: Was Haig really in a sitcom? I had no idea…Now, any takers for photos 1, 2, 3?best to all,JKM

  6. Let's take a shot at this. Is #2 King Tut's Royal Apothecary from Batman?And #3 from Mission: Impossible?

  7. Howard — You rock! You correctly identified both # 2 and # 3. The second photo is indeed Sid Haid on Batman, as Tut's apothecary. And # 3 is from Mission: Impossible…from the episode "The Diplomat!"Awesome!best,JKM

  8. #1: The First Lawgiver in the Star Trek: The Original Series episode "The Return of the Archons".

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