A Thriller A Day Keeps the Bogeyman Away…

If you’re a fan of Boris Karloff’s 1960s horror anthology Thriller (as I am…), I can highly recommend the series review site, A Thriller A Day.   In fact, I’m now officially a “follower!”
The site — by authors Peter Enfantino and John Scoleri — reviews a new Thriller episode each day, just as the blog title promises.
But more than that, the accomplished writers also regularly conduct interviews with the likes of Gary Gerani (who wrote the landmark TV reference book, Fantastic Television back in the 1970s…) and Steve Mitchell who produced the special features on the DVD set along with Gerani.
There are many fascinating insights about the series to be found in the interviews and the reviews, and the site is already up to Season One, Episode 19, so don’t miss out. 

4 responses to “A Thriller A Day Keeps the Bogeyman Away…

  1. Thanks for this link… I have been watching the new DVD set a few episodes at a time since it came out, enjoying it greatly along the way (I had never seen an episode before the DVD was released). This will be a great supplement.

  2. >Slasherfan: My pleasure. The DVD set is great, isn't it? Man, I love this show, and I have been enjoying the "Thriller a Day" reviewers.best,John

  3. >Yes, the DVD set is great! So many great episodes, and the commentaries that I've listened to have been interesting for the most part. So far, "Pigeons from Hell" really stands out for me (hard to imagine seeing that episode when it came out!), although I'm only at the beginning of Season 2. Even though he's "only" the host, this has furthered my growing love of Boris Karloff, which only really started for me a few years ago after watching some of his classics like The Body Snatchers. I'm afraid I'll be taking a break from Thriller today to watch Dark Night of the Scarecrow, though!

  4. >Slasherfan: Pigeons from Hell is really a stand-out — I totally agree. Creeeepy.Have fun with Dark Night of the Scarecrow…I haven't seen that one in years!best,JKM

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