Now Available: Music on Film: This is Spinal Tap

I’m proud and very excited to report that my latest film book, Music on Film: This is Spinal Tap, (Limelight Editions, 2010), is available as of today.
This book launches the Music on Film book series, a collection of small (100 -145 pages) volumes devoted to important film titles from cinema history.  
Another upcoming entry is  Music on Film: West Side Story by the great Barry Monush (Everybody’s Talkin’: The Top Films of 1965-1969, Screen World, etc.).  And I’m already on deadline for my second contribution to the series. 
But I just received my author copies MoF: This is Spinal Tap and the book is gorgeous, and beautifully presented. Limelight did a bang-up job.
Here’s the official word on the book:

From The Publisher: In 1984, four comedians – Christopher Guest, Michael McKean, Rob Reiner, and Harry Shearer – unleashed This Is Spinal Tap, the world’s first “mock-rockumentary” and a joke that has lasted into the 21st century and inspired a generation of imitations.
Now, award-winning film journalist John Kenneth Muir (An Askew View: The Films of Kevin Smith) escorts the reader through a quarter-century of heavy metal laughs, offering a detailed history of the film’s genesis and an up-close look at the reasons why this beloved rock-and-roll movie comedy has endured for so long, – and even met acceptance in the rock-and-roll culture it lampoons.
Features interview material with the cinematographer, editor, and some supporting cast members of This Is Spinal Tap as well as “King of Nostalgia” Joe Franklin.

About the Author: John Kenneth Muir (Charlotte, NC) is the author of Best in Show: The Films of Christopher Guest and Company (Applause, 2004) and The Rock and Roll Film Encyclopedia (2007). He is the creator of the independent web series The House Between, which was nominated for Best Web Production in 2007 and 2008..
If you can swing it, order your copy of Music on Film: This is Spinal Tap today!

4 responses to “Now Available: Music on Film: This is Spinal Tap

  1. >Very cool. What's the author-recommended reseller? And, can I again pester the same author for an autograph ;-). Thanks, John (and my best on this).

  2. >I would be very happy to sign your book, my friend! :)Thank you for the support!best,JKM

  3. >John – Exciting news! I've been waiting to see this book, in some form, since 2006!Out of curiosity, what's your next title for that series?

  4. >Hi Kevin,Thanks for the congratulations! I'm excited about the book and it's already getting some nice buzz from early readers.About my next book in the Music on Film Series. Here's a hint: "Let's Go Crazy!"best,JKM

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