Pop Art: Board Game Edition


10 responses to “Pop Art: Board Game Edition

  1. >Your lovely little post takes me back in time and makes me want to go back there. Save for maybe the Jar Jar Binks game. : )Gosh love that Six Million Dollar Man and Space:1999 Game. Very cool.

  2. >I bet that Jar Jar Bibks game was a big seller !!!

  3. >Hi folks!Sci-Fi Fanatic: My parents are yard-sale regulars and found that Six Million Dollar Man game in mint condition. For five dollars! This is, I'm sure, fate's way of telling me to spend 250.00 for the DVD set. Right?! Andrew: I got that Jar Jar game for a dollar about ten years ago, and it's actually kind of cool, believe it or not The game board is a diorama of Naboo, with imagery from the Phantom Menace!Thanks for commenting, my friends,best,JKM

  4. >Oh man, that RAIDERS board game looks pretty sweet! I still treasure my NIGHTMARE BEFORE XMAS board game!

  5. >To really wax nostalgic, you should've opted for the Star Wars: Escape From the Death Star game!The Kojak game was fun, too, especially when one put up the cardboard buildings on the gameboard that approximated the city, with police headquarters in the center (no building for that, however)!

  6. >Fang,I wish I still had my Escape from the Death Star Game. I played that thing out. It's long gone, alas (and surely, my son would enjoy it these days). Never saw the Kojak game, but it sounds very, very cool…thanks for the comment,John

  7. >J.D. I am still jonesing over that Escape from New York board game you posted during John Carpenter week. I think that's what got me thinking about board games in the first place, my friend!All my best,John

  8. >Where the hell do I get that Alien game. Give to me! NOW!

  9. >Will: The Alien game is awesome. You not only control four astronauts of a given color (red, yellow, blue, green), you control an Alien that you send out to kill the astronauts of the other players.My son Joel and I play this all the time…best,JKM

  10. >The only 'Alien' game wirth playing is 'Awful Green Things From Outer Space'.

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