My Old Office…

Okay, I’ve now had two requests from long-time readers to display my old home office (from my first home, in the historic district of Monroe).  Ah, I miss that place…there was no room to write.

Prepare yourselves…the room had 12 foot ceilings, and the toys literally covered every inch of wall, from floor to ceiling.  By the end of the time we lived in the house, my wife refused even to walk into this room.  Yes…I had a problem.

This is quite clearly before my “less is more” stage of tasteful office design.


8 responses to “My Old Office…

  1. >Is that it?!? Where's the lifesize inflatable William Shatner? 😉

  2. >My bedroom…Actually, I DO have a lifesize (but not inflatable) cardboard stand-up of Shatner. He's in my garage now. I used to keep him in my bedroom, but my wife said she was tired of waking up in the morning and seeing his face. And his toupee.Best,John

  3. >THAT is really somethin', John! I'm particularly impressed with the collection of the ST vessel replicas. I can spot the NCC-1701-A, but do I see a USS Excelsior, USS Reliant, and the Deep Space Nine space station, too?!? Wow! Now, I sure we (your readers) understand your collection. But, how is the the collection viewed by your spouse? My wife allows some latitude with my stack of DVD/BDs, but I don't think I could a bring a fraction of what I see here into my house. Your wife has to be one of the most magnanimous people around ;-). This is one magnificent assortment, my friend. Thanks for sharing this, John.

  4. >Whew! That is something. I don't have nearly as many classic toys, but what I do have I really love. Thanks for sharing John!

  5. >Absolutely awesome. The next time my wife compares that I have too much by way of collectibles in my office I'll show her these pics.

  6. >Hello, my friends, thank you for the kind words about my crazy old office.Le0pard13: Now you know how nuts I am. Bonkers. My wife is incredibly gracious and magnanimous indeed, and at the old house, she had a rule: no toys come out of the room! That was inviolable. I had this office…and the collection would go no further (except Kirk in the bedroom…).And yes, there's a Voyager, two Enterprise-Es, an Excelsior, a Reliant and several NCC-1701-A vessels there (plus a Deep Space Nine, assorted shuttles, a Romulan War Bird, and oh my goodness…). Crazy, crazy, crazy…Hi Sci-Fi Fanatic: "Whew" is right. In some ways I miss the craziness of this office, and in some ways, I'm glad to have scaled back. John: I love it, my old office is now a cautionary tale for other collectors! Please also tell your wife I did scale back, and have attempted to be more tasteful and limited in my decoration!best to all,John

  7. >Holy cow. I wish my wife would let me get away with either version of your office. With my memorabilia, I pretty much have to put one old piece away when I bring a new one home…

  8. >Hi Nate!I'm very, very lucky. Kathryn is very indulgent of me and my crazy hobby…best,John

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