The Cult-TV Faces of: The Investigator


11 responses to “The Cult-TV Faces of: The Investigator

  1. >whew… here we go… i better get a prize for most…1.) sixth sense tv series.. after night gallery2.) classic kolchak3.) arrghh.. pass// nancy drew?4.) hardy boys5.) dark shadows?6.) pass…. 7.) moonlighting! it's dave and maddie doin their best!8.) twin peaks… cooper yeah9.) shari b… beyond reality10.) mulder x-file11.) scully x-file12.) eric close… in dark skies13.) debra messing in prey14.) lance! millennium15.) klea! millennium16.) doggett17.) reyes18.) 2005 carl kolchak19.) veronica mars20.) dresden files21.) fringe…i'm tired…

  2. >Nicholas,No wonder you're tired, you ran the table — you got all but three of the cult-tv investigators! Very impressive!The one that are left are#5 (not Dark Shadows) and # 6. You did get number 3, that's Pamela Sue Martin as Nancy,JKM

  3. >#6 Sapphire & Steel?#5 ????

  4. >SteveW: Nice job, buddy! You nailed # 6. That's Sapphire & Steel indeed (a great show, by the way…).Now, # 5 is extremely obscure, I will readily admit. Here's three hints. It's from the 1970s; it's British, and it involves the supernatural!best,John

  5. >#5 Blake's 7!!??? I thought I recognized that actor….

  6. >Well, no, I guess that can't be it. Sci-fi, not supernatural.

  7. >Hi Steve! A great guess, but no, it's not Blake's 7. :)best,JKM

  8. >Huh, the only supernatural ones I can think of from that era are anthology shows like "Thriller" (the Brian Clemens version, not the Boris Karloff one) and "Hammer's House of Horror." That actor looks like he could have stepped out of either series, but that's as close I can get. He's a definite '70s British TV "type"–i.e., mounds of hair and chiseled features.

  9. >SteveW: Wow, you know your British shows, all right! But it's not either of those either.Let me offer this clue, you should "factor" something else in…best,John

  10. >Hah! Well, then it must be "The Omega Factor"–not a show I've seen, but one I've heard good things about! Great quiz…

  11. >SteveW – you got it! "The Omega Factor" it is; a very interesting, cerebral (if glacially-paced) genre treat!Great job!best,John

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