On Movie Geeks United Tonight: State of the Horror Genre!

The subject is the horror genre in general, and Jamey and I discuss at length the Romero Living Dead Cycle, Last House on the Left, The Shining and other topics related to the genre and its film history.
The program starts at 10:00 pm tonight. Don’t miss it! 
Also, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jamey and everyone at Movie Geeks United for preparing and assembling such a wonderful week of Halloween shows. It’s been an amazing set of broadcasts, and I’m proud to have been a part of it.
On another Muir-related note, The Inside Story: Halloween on The Biography Channel is running again Halloween night (Oct 31st) at 10:00 pm, if you missed the initial broadcasts.  I actually get a good amount of screen-time on this two-hour special; but more than that, the program is really informative, and it’s fascinating to watch John Carpenter, Jamie Lee Curtis and other high-profile talents discuss the horror film that launched their careers.

2 responses to “On Movie Geeks United Tonight: State of the Horror Genre!

  1. >Very cool, John. Good thing Movie Geeks United is podcasted for later listening. I'm leaving soon to attend the screening of the 1980 ghost story, THE CHANGELING (starring George C. Scott), tonight. Director Peter Medak will be there for discussion afterwards. So, I'll catch you on these programs later during the weekend. Thanks.

  2. >JohnI just watched some of that bio last night and missed a good bit of it. I'll try and catch the whole thing on Sunday. It was interesting to watch interviews with the late Debra Hill and to see John Carpenter. Gosh, he's getting up there like all of us. Thanks John.

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