The Ten Best Horror TV Title Sequences in History


6 responses to “The Ten Best Horror TV Title Sequences in History

  1. >I have a soft spot for the opening credits of FRIDAY THE 13th: THE SERIES along with quaint if not slighty creepy music. Also, EERIE, INDIANA had a pretty good one.Good call on BUFFY, I love the ep. where they tweak the opening credits and insert shots of Jonathan throughout because he has altered reality where he is the hero and not Buffy. That was very clever and funny as hell.

  2. >A fine collection, here. The Buffy is always a great one. However, I still keep coming back to MILLENNIUM's beautifully unsettling intro. That one, for me, fires on all cylinders. Thanks, John.

  3. >What, no love for the iconic X-FILES title sequence with its famous eerie theme song?KOLCHAK is a great choice though, particular in the way it transitions from the sunny, lilting opening melody (initially whistled by Kolchak himself) to that thrumming spooky cello sawing away as the whole atmosphere changes.

  4. >Hey folks,J.D. – Friday the 13th the Series is one of the title sequences I looked at while preparing this list. It's very good, and gets to the context/locale of the show (with a look at the creepy antique shop). Excellent choice! I need to look at Eerie, Indiana again…that one evaded my radar, I think! :)Le0pard13: I love the Millennium title sequence. That violin score is just amazing, and so heartfelt. Gorgeous.SteveW: Another excellent choice, in The X-Files. I considered it, seriously for the list (number 11?). You know, in Terror Television, I named the X-Files the greatest horror TV series of all time, and I stick by that positive assessment. Huge X-Phile here! I would also add the theme song as one of the ten best. But the title sequence, to me, doesn't quite match the quality of the actual music or actual program. Does that make sense? The montage is a little cheesy, and the show itself is not cheesy in the slightest…it's an intellectual's dream, about competing world views, not a tabloid-y exploration of the paranormal. Just my thoughts. Love the show; love the theme song; only like the title sequence…best to all,John

  5. >JohnHuge Dexter fan! I even bought that soundtrack. Terrific selection and I really look forward to Millennium.You'll enjoy the True Blood title sequence. It's not exactly horror but it's a little weird like the show. Great theme song too!

  6. >Make that four people who remember DARKROOM, due to my longstanding Bloch/Nolan connections, and I'm with you all the way on THE NIGHT STALKER and the criminally mistreated MILLENNIUM.LeOpard13, whoever you are, you like Matheson and MILLENNIUM, so you've gotta be cool!

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