As always, our country’s  future is in our very own hands. 
Vote your conscience.
Vote your hopes.
Vote for a better tomorrow. 
This is your chance to make your voice heard, and to shape the government you want to see.
One vote can make all the difference.
And finally, if you don’t vote today; don’t complain later on if things suck…

3 responses to “Vote!

  1. >Amen. Well said brother. And if you vote, and the candidates you voted for lose, and things go badly, then you can rightfully complain things suck. ")

  2. >Hear, hear. Thanks, John.

  3. >Sci-Fi Fanatic: Hah! That is true. If you vote AND your candidate loses you are entitled to complaining when things suck! :)Le0pard13: Thanks! You guys are the best!Regards,John

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