The Cult-TV Faces of: The Fallen (Spoilers!)


18 responses to “The Cult-TV Faces of: The Fallen (Spoilers!)

  1. >#1 Chaya, Spock's pet sehlat, Animated Star Trek 'Yesteryear'#2 Jane Seymour, Serina, original BSG#4 Matthew Waterhouse, Adric, Dr. Who#6 Denise Crosby, Tasha Yar, St:TNG, 'Skin of Evil'#8 Linda Hamilton, Catherine, Beauty and the Beast#10 Terry Farrell, Jadzia Dax, ST:DS9At least these are the ones I can rattle off quickly.

  2. >Hi Meredith,Very nicely done! You took 6 of the first ten images right of the table. And I threw some curve balls in there…Whoo-hoo! Excellent!best,JKM

  3. >5. Michael Wright as Elias Taylor: V-The series7. Jessica Steen as Jennifer "Pilot" Chase: Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future11.The Lone Gunmen: The X-Files12. Virginia Hey as Xan: Farscape17. Conner Trinneer as Cmdr. Charles "Trip" Tucker III: Star Trek: Enterprise21. John Schneider as Jonathan Kent: Smallville

  4. >Howard, you are impressive as always, and you too have just made six correct identifications. Awesome! You even got the "V" entry (Michael Wright)which was tough because of the shot/image I selected. You rock!best,JKM

  5. >John, actually, it was the image that made me get the shot of Elias, because the show in which he died kicked off about a month of really good episodes of "V," and his death was, essentially, quick and pointless, unlike so many TV resistance-fighter death scenes. I've always rememembered that sequence.

  6. >Also, #3 is Gareth Thomas as Roj Blake in "Blake's 7."

  7. >Hi Howard, You are right about #3 Gareth Thomas as Blake in B7! Excellent.And you make a terrific point about the death of Elias. "quick and pointless" — perfect! Yep, and therefore kind of realistic. And I agree with you, it kicked off a great month of V TV back in the day!best,JKM

  8. >tdraicer:I see Tara,Anya and Spike from Buffy, and Cordy and Wes from Angel. And I'd say the last pic is Rita from Dexter.

  9. >Hi tdraicer:Nice job! You just got six more! Excellent. All correct identifications…Outstanding!best,JKM

  10. >#18 looks like Victor Garber playing Jack Bristow in the series finale of Alias.

  11. >Adam: You got it, that's Victor Garber as Jack Brisow (an amazing character…) in Alias! Outstanding!best,JKM

  12. >Brother. You were completely up front with your Spoilers warning, but I am regretful that I peeked on one image. What the heck was I thinking!? You see, your blog is irrisistible.Nevertheless, I have learned of other demises over time before seeing it happen. It won't detract from my enjoyment. : )Have a nice Thanksgiving my friend.

  13. >SFF:Oh man, crud. I was afraid that could happen to some folks and settled on the warning in the title! I tried to skew towards older shows, but then thought people might say, "you forgot (that person," so I went right up to 2009. Bummer. I am soooo sorry if something was spoiled (and I can guess which one it was, I think.)best,John

  14. >I don't believe anyone has called this one yet, so I'll call out…9. Megan Gallagher as Catherine Black in Millennium ("The Time is Now")

  15. >Brian,Thanks for putting this round of cult-TV faces to bed with the correct identification of the beautiful and talented Meghan Gallagher as the tragic Catherine Black.Great job!best,John K. Muir

  16. >4) Adric – Doctor Who : Earthshock

  17. >Late to the party, but I don't see anyone as having ID'd Charlie from Lost.

  18. >BT: I'm glad you came to the party, because I totally forgot that no one had yet id'd Charlie from LOST. Thanks for doing so!!!All my best,JKM

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