The Cult-TV Faces of: The Cat


18 responses to “The Cult-TV Faces of: The Cat

  1. >What about The Cat from Red Dwarf? Surely he's the coolest cat.

  2. >Hi Nate,Yes! A cool cat indeed!In the end, I decided not to include the cat from Red Dwarf, or Vincent from Beauty and the Beast, or Cat Woman, or the cat-like general from Farscape's "Different Destinations" simply because they didn't look that much like cats. The Red Dwarf cat is awesome, but looks totally human, and I thought that might be,JKM

  3. >#3) Mission Impossible, "The Seal" season 2#4) Star Trek TOS, "Catspaw", season 2#5) Star Trek TOS, "Assignment Earth", Isis, season 2#10) Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, Salem#13) Dr. Who, "New Earth" (and another one, I believe)And how about Data's cat, Spot? The gender-changing, breed-changing, and even species-changing (although the latter, I grant, was intentional) cat?

  4. >Meredith,Terrific job correctly identifying five of those darn cats!And – a ha! — Spot is in there; he's one of the selections pictured. I would never forget Data's beloved cat. :)best,JKM

  5. >I second the notion that I was hoping to see Red Dwarf's cat. That said : #6) Might that be DC? (as in 'That Darn Cat')#8) That would be Lucky from the TV series "Alf"(no 'Cat from Outer Space'? 🙂

  6. >Hi woodchuckgod!You got Lucky from Alf, all right. Awesome! But number six is not That darn cat. Great guess, though.To quote Alex Trebek, remember the category!:)This is cult-tv, so no Cat from Outer Space (though gosh, I love that movie, and that character and should definitely review that movie here for Joel sometime!)best,JKM

  7. >Heh. Right breed, wrong category. Ahwell.While I'm at it … #14) would be the nefarious Kitty Cat from Futurama.And I believe the aforementioned spot is sitting there above Salem in the #9 slot…. that first one is just tugging at my brain. The gent holding the cat… if it weren't for the color image I'd swear that was Clark Kent there. Fairly certain it's not but I certainly don't know what it is. lol.Fun set of pics today!

  8. >I'm guessing that #9 is Spot.

  9. >Hi Howard!You got it, # 9 is good old, Spot! Good job!best,JKM

  10. >Woodchuckgod: Your eyes do not deceive you, my friend. That first picture is indeed Clark Kent. Great job!That still is from "The Adventures of Superman" third season episode (in color!) "The Lucky Cat"And you also correctly identified Spot (and in fairness, you got it right before Howard commented, but somehow I read his comment first! Sorry!) You also correctly id'd "Futurama!"Great job!best,JKM

  11. >One of these shots is eerily familiar to me, unless I'm very much mistaken…11. The X-Files, "Teso Dos Bichos" (3.18)For some reason, that disconcerting collective of stray cats is burned into my brain… just like the toilet bowl full of rats that precede them in the episode! Anyone who's had to deal with a disagreeable feline knows just how frightening they can be when they're nasty!

  12. >Brian,Great recall! That is indeed a still from the finale of "Teso Dos Bichos" on The X-Files. I love cats (and have three as pets), but in that episode they are pretty creepy. One even scratches Scully, if memory serves.Anyway, great ID!best,JKM

  13. >Novice Haym. Ohhhh….yeah. She can be my pet anytime.

  14. >John, I get such a chuckle out of these photo collages you do–and I'm amazed at how obscure some of the choices are! Bravo, man.–Rich Handley

  15. >Hi John, Just off the top of my head is #2 the cat from "The Incredible Shrinking Man"? Thanks again for the entertainging posts!

  16. >Hi everyone,Davidfullam: she's the florence nightingale of cats!SFF: I like dogs too. I was actually thinking of generalizing and doing "the cult-TV faces of pets," so I could include Archer's dog, plus Jake (the terrier) on Tales of the Gold Monkey. But Cult-TV does seem to have more cats than doges, doesn't it?Rich: Thank you my friend. I try to keep up surprising week to week, but it isn't always easy…Doughboy810: That's a great guess, and it does look like the kitty from Incredible Shrinking Man, but remember the category! :)Cult TV…!best,JKM

  17. Stefan Miklos

    #3 is “Rusty” from the M:I episode “The Seal.”

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