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  1. >Ah! I recognize more of these than I do most other Cult TV Faces, for one reason or another. (Perhaps I have a subconscious thing for architecture?) I'll try to claim a handful of these. In fact, let's get all the Star Trek references out of the way and I'll leave the rest for others…1. Eminiar VII, a matte painting re-used often on Star Trek but first see in "A Taste of Armageddon" (1967).2. Deneva, filmed at the TRW Space Park in Redondo Beach, California, Star Trek, "Operation: Annihilate!" (1967).19. Angel One, a matte painting re-used often since Star Trek: The Next Generation but first seen in "Angel One" (1988).21. Bajor, after the occupation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, "Emissary" (1993).26. Hospital Ship 4-2, Star Trek: Voyager, "Critical Care" (2000).

  2. >I think I have some of these but some are guesses too…7 Planet of the Apes8 Land of the Lost15 BattlestarGalactica (78)17 Buck Rogers in the 25th century18 Flash Gordon (animated)27 Firefly28 Superman Returns?29 Battlestar Galactica (03)

  3. >Hello Brian and Kindertrauma!You are both incredibly impressive in your identifications of these cult-tv cities.Brian: You took all the Star Trek cities right off the table! Every one of your identifications is correct, and extra points for including shooting locations and episode titles. Fantastic!Kindertrauma: You rock! All of your identifications are right on the money save for one. #28 is indeed a view of Metropolis and the Daily Planet, but remember the category — to quote Alex Trebek — Cult TV faces. Still, you did an amazing job and nabbed seven of these correctly (including some of the more obscure ones…) but # 28 is still on the table.Great job to you both, my friends. As always, thanks for playing!best,John

  4. >8) Land of the Lost9) Space: 1999, 'Missing Link'10) Space:1999, 'War Games'11) Space:1999, 'Journey to Where', Texas City13) Logan's Run15) BSG, the original series27) FIrefly30) Doctor Who, 'New Earth', New new new new new… Earth~~ meredith

  5. >Hi Meredith!Awesome — you just took all the Space:1999 megapoli off the table, correctly identifying the alien architecture of Missing Link, War Games and Journey to Where. Nice.Also, you correctly identified the City of Domes from the Logan's Run series, and "New Earth" from the new version of Doctor Who.As usual, Meredith, you never cease to amaze!!!all my best,John

  6. >Hi Indianhoop…or should I call you Number Six? That's right, you identified #3 as The Village from The Prisoner.Well done. Be seeing you! :)And that leaves on the table:#4, #5, #6, #12, #14, #16, #22, #23, #24, #25, and #28!best,John

  7. >#6 Planet of the Apes. The TV series. The first episode. That was their Statue of Liberty moment. Ive always wanted a close up of that future NYC photo!

  8. >Greg: You are brilliant, and absolutely correct. That's a still of "Future" (!) New York from the first Planet of the Apes episode, "Escape from Tomorrow." Very, very well done!!!Thanks,John

  9. >Couple of guesses:14-Either "Genesis II" or "Planet Earth?" One of the Roddenberry failed pilots.24-"Blade Runner?"

  10. >Indianhoop:Those are some outstanding guesses. # 14 certainly looks like "Genesis II" or "Planet Earth's" PAX complex, but in this case, it is a still from another TV series of the mid-1970s, approximately the same vintage as those beloved pilots.And 24 is not Blade Runner, though I cannot deny that the city looks extremely Blade Runner-esque. But remember the category: Cult-Television!But still, two very credible and intelligent guesses!!best,John

  11. >Just guesses, but isn't #22 Demeter City from "Space Precinct"?And #12 is from "Star Maidens"?

  12. >Score two points for Mark! Outstanding identifications, there.You accurately recognized # 22 as Demeter City from Gerry Anderson's 1994 series "Space Precinct."AND you also recognized # 12 as the megopolis (soon to be destroyed by meteor…) from the Keith Wilson-designed series Star Maidens.Wow…those were two toughies, and you nailed 'em. Outstanding!That leaves still outstanding: #4, #5, #14, #16, #20, #23, #24, #25, and # 28!!!Any takers?best,John

  13. >Is #16 also Battlestar Galactica – 1978?

  14. >Hi Grayson!Great guess! And # 16 is from the same year as Battlestar Galactica (1978); but no — it is not from that Glen Larson space series.Best,JKM

  15. >Is #16 Blake's 7? Is it the city that Blake sneaks out of to meet the rebels in the pilot?

  16. >A few guesses, but I'm far from certain on any of them:5) Duck Dodgers in the 24 1/2 Century20) Otherworld24) Looks for all the world like Blade Runner! But I know this isn't right. Could it be the Total Recall series?28) Smallville

  17. >Russ: Yes! Whoo-hoo! #16 is from Blake's 7; the first episode "The Way Back." It is indeed the city on Earth that Blake flees in the opening scenes, for a meeting with the resistance! Great job!Strange Powers: Excellent job identfying #28 Smallville! That's from the episode in which Clark has to "leap" buildings to rescue Martha Kent and Lionel Luthor. From the second season.But the other identifications are not correct. 5 is not Duck Dodgers; 20 is not Otherworld and 24 is not Total Recall. Still, you are awesome for getting 28 right!Fantastic job to you both!regards,John

  18. >#25) That looks to be the Shadow Depository from Farscape's outstanding 3-part adventure "Liars, Guns, & Money", from the tail end of season 2.#24) And while I'm at it – this would be an extreme vertical angle of Valldon, the blade-runner-esque setting of Farscape's season 3 offering, "The Choice" – also an outstanding episode.

  19. >Woodchuckgod: You are AWESOME! You just took off the board both Farscape cities, #24 and # 25, which are exactly as you say, the Shadow Repository and the city of Valldon in "The Choice" (where Aeryn mourns, and encounters her father).Excellent job!best,John

  20. >14-"6 Million Dollar Man" or "Bionic Woman?"5- "Fantastic Journey (or was it Fantastic Voyage)?" The animated version of the film.. Maybe the animated Star Trek?

  21. >Hi Indianhoop,# 5 is from the animated Star Trek. It is the Vulcan city seen in "Yesteryear" by D.C. Fontana!As for # 14, great guess, but no, it is not the 6 million dollar man or bionic woman. the answer to # 14, actually, is said in your answer to # 5, if that makes sense!Great job,John

  22. >I give up #14? The others?

  23. >Hi indianhoop:14 is from The Fantastic Journey episode "Turnabout."Great job, everyone!

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