>The Cult-TV Faces of: The Ray Gun















9 responses to “>The Cult-TV Faces of: The Ray Gun

  1. >2. I think this is from an episode of lost in space. 3. Star Trek pulsar canon?4. Star Trek phaser (on stun or kill!)5. Space 1999. I dont remember the name of the weapon but i had one as a kid! 6. Space 1999 as well8. Run Runner! Logans Run. I think its called a flame gun?9. Is that a Cylon going for his gun? Maybe Red Eye? Battlestar Galactica10. Go Earth Directorate! Buck Rogers.13. Lizard gun! V the series or mini series. 14. Thinking its the TNG phaser from the early seasons.Love your blog, reviews and essays!!! Please keep up the amazing work. Greg

  2. >Hi Gregory,Thank you for the kind words about my work. I appreciate that, and hope you'll stick around for more.And as for the Ray Guns — wow! You took a whole bunch of those ray gun identifications right off the table.You accurately guessed that #2 is from Lost in Space ("One of Our Dogs is Missing"), # 3 Star Trek ("Where No Man Has Gone Before), # 4 Star Trek ("The Galileo 7"), In fact, you also got #5, #6, (both Space:1999, "New Adam, New Eve" and "Alpha Child") #8, #9, 10, 13, and 14. Nicely done, sir!That leaves us left:# 1# 7#12#15 – #18All my best,JKM

  3. >7. Blake's 712. Doctor Who (Peter Davison) using a Dalek gun15. Digitizer from Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future

  4. >Let's take a stab at one of the remainders:#1 Soldier, Outer Limits Season 2, episode 1 (written by the great Harlan Ellison)The others look so familiar, but just can't place them.Thanks, John.

  5. >Hello my friends,Howard: You are wonderful as usual. You correctly identified the weapons from Blake's 7 (#7), Dr. Who (Peter Davison!) and the real toughie here: the digitizer from Captain Power. Nicely done!Le0pard13: Fantastic job on a tough identification there. And you are absolutely right. That's "Soldier" from Outer Limits Season 2, written by HE. Fantastic job!All my best to you both,John

  6. >#11 – Blake's 7 also?Thanks for the fun and interesting posts as always.

  7. >#18 is a Farscape pulse pistol. Not sure of the episode – but perchance that's not just a generic model, but Chricton's Winona?

  8. >For some reason #16 looks like Gates McFadden in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

  9. >Hi everyone.Gotta fix a mix-up first. Howard identified # 7 as Blake's 7. That's actually Dr. Who, "Planet of Evil" (with Prentis Hancock). Russ is right, it is #11 that is Blake's 7. Very good Russ, and sorry about the confusion there! Excellent identification!Woodchuckgod: Great job identifying Winona on Farscape, and this still is from the fourth sason episode "Chricton Kicks!" Outstanding job!And Grayson, you got the right show for # 16, Star Trek: the Next Generation. But that's not the beautiful Gates McFadden. We'll se if anyone else guesses…Great job to all!best,John

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