>The Cult-TV Faces of: John Glover



7 responses to “>The Cult-TV Faces of: John Glover

  1. >I have seen some of his films and I think he is a versatile actor. He can portray any role that is given to him. He delivers the role of what is expected of him. He is a great actor.

  2. >Brad: I agree with you completely. John Glover is a national treasure in my opinion.As far as his films go, I'll never forget his character "Clamp" — an amalgam of Donald Trump and Ted Turner — in Joe Dante's Gremlins 2 (1990). What a great (and underrated…) performance.And on TV, I have really enjoyed Glover's performances as the Devil in "Brimstone" and as Lionel Luthor on "Smallville." Fantastic actor!best,JKM

  3. >I was pleasantly surprised to see him during a rewatch of "Deep Space Nine" after his role of Lionel Luthor in "Smallville". It was the voice that jogged my memory, followed by a rather shocked, "No… it couldn't be… Oh my…"He's a great actor.

  4. >Hi Michael,I haven't seen the episode in ages, but at the time, I felt that "Invasive Procedures" was a pretty strong DS9 outing, specifically because of that Glover performance. He makes for a very powerful antagonist.I'm up to Season 4 on a re-watch of Smallville, and it's been rewarding (and upsetting) to see how diabolical Lionel Luthor is; and how he keeps pushing Lex closer to the edge. Glover is really amazing in that role. Great comment!best,John

  5. >Is that third picture of John Glover from the Batman animated series? I should really look at his filmography. He has been in an amazing amount of work.

  6. >Great actor. Whenever he shows up in something, he gives it his all. Loved him the short-lived BRIMSTONE TV series and the Elmore Leonard classic, 52 Pick-Up. Thanks, John.

  7. >Hi Captainapathy and Le0pard13:Captainapathy: that is indeed John Glover as "The Riddler" in the Batman animated series of the early 1990s. He did an amazing job with that character.Le0pard13: I'm with you on the Brimstone love. That series was fantastic…and he was fantastic in it. I'd forgotten all about Glover in 52-Pick up; it's been years since I saw it! Now I need to check it out again. (I remember liking the film very much…)thanks to you both!JKM

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