>Pop Art: Power Records Edition



4 responses to “>Pop Art: Power Records Edition

  1. >Record? What's that?Seriously, I had that Captain America vinyl and comic.I also had the Fantastic Four one missing from your image selections.They were fantastic and the comic book art was from the golden era of comic book art. I just loved those comics!I would love to have heard the original Star Trek and Space:1999.

  2. >I've got a handful of these that I bought off eBay a couple of years ago…still doesn't make up for the massive collection I had in my childhood…I assume you're aware of this blog?Power Records

  3. >Hi SFF: I wish I had the Fantastic Four one. I've collected these as an adult (over the last fifteen years or so); but when I was a kid I know I had one of the Six Million Dollar man records.It's funny: I've read the books, but not listened to the records…mostly because it's been that long since I've had a record player.Filmfather: I am aware of that blog now, thank you! It's gorgeous and well-done. Thank you for calling my attention to it.Man, it stinks to remember when you had something as a kid, but it is long gone. Doesn't it? I feel that way about so many toys I once owned; even though I still own and display many.I still wish I had my Bionic Sasquatch, for instance…best to you both,JKM

  4. >I've got the Captain America shown here, as well as Spider-Man fighting the Man-Wolf.Too bad I don't have a record player.

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