>Remember when I said "less is more?"…


…I lied.
So anyway, I didn’t blog yesterday because I spent the whole bloomin’ day re-organizing my home office and finally organizing my display-able toy collection.  It was a colossal task that took me about fifteen hours, but now I’ve finally got this home office in good shape…for the moment. 
And yes, I retract my former statement that less is more.
In terms of home office toy collections, more is clearly more.


9 responses to “>Remember when I said "less is more?"…

  1. >Good lord, that's a lot of geekly goodness! I envy you, sir.–J/Metro

  2. >Hi Jonny Metro,That is a lot of geeky goodness, indeed. I've been collecting for most of my 41 years, and at long last I have a space to display everything!best,JKM

  3. >Makes mine look puny and that's hard to do.

  4. >Just came across your name today again I was looking into some books on John Carpenter. I'll have to pick yours up at some point. BACK ON TOPIC> I love this collection. Nicely displayed.

  5. >ME scrawny human! Ha. That is one sweet collection. I still love my collection despite not having as much in the way of vintage toys, but I see a future career in your 70s as museum curator.Seriously, I love guys who put their money where their mouth is! Nice stuff. Thanks for sharing!

  6. >Oh and that was time well spent…. room looks sharp!Does Joel have access? : )

  7. >Hello, everyone!Allan: I'd love to see your collection too. Remember, like I said above, I've been holding onto a lot of this stuff since I was just five years old, so don't feel bad! :)Indiephantom: Thank you for the comment on my crazy office, and I hope you enjoy the book on Carpenter, if you end up purchasing it.Hi SFF: I'd love to be a curator at a collectibles museum, for share. So long as when the lights go out, I can play with the toys…And yeah, Joel has full access. He's really good at asking me what he can play with; and I'm generally pretty lenient about it. I decided about a year ago, I guess, that the collection is better of enjoyed than just sitting there; and in Joel's case, that means playing with the stuff. We've used the Strange Change Machine together several times, and had a blast. He also plays with the robot, 2XL, from 1978! He also has a thing for Maximillian and VINCent from The Black Hole!Thanks for the comments, all!best,JKM

  8. >I completely relate with Joel. Vincent and Maximillian are awesome. Great tatse.

  9. Elias Richarts

    Love the Space: 1999 stuff.

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