>Kindertrauma: Pumpkinhead


From the great blog Kindertrauma comes a stirring review of the 1989 horror film, Pumpkinhead.   This film contains one of Henriksen’s most affecting and memorable performances (and that’s saying something, given the breadth of this guy’s career…).

In this thoughtful review, Unkle Lancifer describes his reluctance to watch Pumpkinhead, citing the strong emotions of sadness and more so — anger — the film so capably engenders.
It is at this point that LANCE HENRIKSEN throws a glare that is the absolute highlight of the movie for me. This guy can act. I can feel the vibrations of that laser beam hate stare as I write this now. Forget the titular creature, HENRIKSEN can dispatch an army of vengeance demons out of his peepers whenever he desires.

Thank you, Unkle Lancifer, for this contribution, and for remembering Pumpkinhead.

3 responses to “>Kindertrauma: Pumpkinhead

  1. >Good ol' Unkle Lancifer posted a great one. Another fine contribution.

  2. >Hi Le0pard13:I agree, my friend. Unkle Lancifer never disappoints!best,JKM

  3. >I tried writing earlier but I guess my comment didn't go through.I think Kindertrauma has a classic blog. Great stuff over there.I found Pumpkinhead to be terrifying when I saw it upon release way back.I think Uncle Lancifer was the perfect choice to see a tribute to Pumpkinhead. Well done! Best, SFF

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