>The Pineal Eye: Hard Target


Journalist and blogger Alison Nastasi, who recently conducted an amazing interview with Lance Henriksen, here, contributes a great review of Hard Target today, at The Pineal Eye.
She notes, “it’s Henriksen’s performance as the unhinged human sportsman, Emil Fouchon, that stands out from the film’s tedious trappings.”

This is probably one of the most entertaining experiences you’ll have watching Van Damme on screen, who performs several ridiculous action sequences and has a permed mullet that just won’t quit. You haven’t lived until you’ve witnessed JCVD’s Boudreaux surfing a speeding motorcycle, flipping off a vehicle — with greasy locks flying everywhere — and landing with a resounding, “Yeahhh!” as he shoots the bad guys and blows things up. His scene with a rattlesnake is not to be missed. The action hero also appears to be able to telepathically communicate with pigeons.

Thanks Alison, for contributing a great post today.


2 responses to “>The Pineal Eye: Hard Target

  1. >Alison really put together one fun read (and that's such a great image for the post). Thanks.

  2. >Henriksen was about the only reason I enjoyed Hard Target. Well, him and the fact John Woo employed his typically flashy style.Your site looks great. I'll be sure to check it out more often.Regards, SFFQuite a week John!

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