>Gris Gris: "You Can’t Save Everyone, But You Can Try"


Blogger Jane Considine at Gris Gris, pens a piece called “You can’t save everyone, but you can try,” regarding one of Millennium’s most  memorable early episodes, “The Well-Worn Lock.” 
That particular segment concerns child abuse, and is deeply, thoroughly, moving.  It’s a powerful show.  Jane brings up a few of her other favorites from early in the run, namely, “The Wild and the Innocent” and “The Thin Blue Line,” and also offers the personal remembrance of a friend who passed away.
“These episodes are the reason that I’m mesmerized by Frank Black. The series is intense, and he and his family are the beacon in the dark. The first episode I’ve mentioned is really more of a vehicle for Catherine Black (Megan Gallagher) though props to Frank, for being the supportive husband all of us in the estrogen brigade would love to be married to.”

Thank you, Jane, for your contribution to the blogathon.


One response to “>Gris Gris: "You Can’t Save Everyone, But You Can Try"

  1. >There's a nice focus on this piece by Jane. She offers some truly personal and moving insights of her own.I think The Well-Worn Lock is one the best three episodes of the first ten of Season One. I think Michelle Joyner's performance truly sells the story.She is a pivotal to the success of this tale about the monsters within us.Well done Jane.Best,SFF

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