>The Pineal Eye: Near Dark


Alison Nastasi returns to the Lance Henriksen Blogathon for a splendid Day 2 contribution.  At her blog, The Pineal Eye, Alison contributes a review of the classic Kathryn Bigelow horror film, Near Dark.  
Alison writes how “Near Dark’s stellar cast, dark comedy/horror/western elements, gritty cinematography, and a hazy, synthtastical Tangerine Dream score is alchemical perfection.”  I couldn’t agree more.


For Bigelow’s grisly gang, killing is quick and dirty. There’s no romancing life on the road, or the way they handle their prey, but there’s poetry in the ferocity of their primal abandon. There’s an inherent sexuality in the act of bloodsucking, but in Near Dark it often feels more like fucking. (Hitchcock would be proud of the industrial pistons pumping away in the background during one scene’s feeding frenzy.) The word vampire is never mentioned, and there are no capes, fangs, or other theatrics — though its killers luxuriate in the spectacle of their bloodshed (see: the bar scene).
Thank you, Alison, for your look back at this horror classic.

2 responses to “>The Pineal Eye: Near Dark

  1. >John/ AlisonNice coverage on Near Dark.I have never seen this film in its entirety, but what I have seen is brutal and cold. This is indeed one of Henriksen's most chilling performances. There is no mercy.Bigelow really shines as a director with this material.I shall make it a point to check it out in full. Great review!Take care.SFF

  2. >SFF: I agree, Alison shot this one out of the park. A great review of a (chilling) horror classic. best,John

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