>Vern reviews Not Bad for A Human


At his blog, The Life and Art for Vern, the outlaw reviewer delves deeply into Lance Henriksen’s new biography (co-authored with Joe Maddrey), Not Bad for a Human.


What surprised me most about the book was learning what a crazy life Henriksen lived before he became an actor. I don’t want to give too much away, but he goes from a family of grifters to a Naval brig to being left in the desert for dead…

Be certain to read the whole review; it’s a great one.


3 responses to “>Vern reviews Not Bad for A Human

  1. >This was a very good book review. It's got me even more stoked for the biography's release. Thanks.

  2. >Le0pard13:I liked Vern's review a lot too. Not Bad is going to be required reading for all of us Lance fans…best,John

  3. >A solid review and I echo the sentiments here. I'm very excited about the publication.Vern points out the weight of the material and its focus and I'm thrilled to hear it.Best, SFF

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