>Gris Gris: Anyone can see that the road that they walk on is paved in gold


Jane Considine, the blogger who yesterday gave us the memorable contribution regarding Millennium’s“The Well-Worn Lock,” returns for an encore on Day 3 of our Lance Henriksen Blogathon. 
In “Anyone can see that the road they walk on is paved in gold,” Jane turns her attention to another first season classic, “The Wild and the Innocent.”


The truly great thing about this episode of Millennium is the choice to lay out the narrative in an epistolary style. Maddie Haskell is a troubled young girl living in an abusive household. Maddie’s letters to the innocent in this episode, her “Angel”, are the framework for an analysis of what makes disenfranchised kids do the bad things they do. Maddie’s Mother has been murdered by her abusive Stepfather, and Maddie and her very wild boyfriend Bobby are forced to deal with him.

Another really great piece, and I hope you will check it out at Gris Gris.  Thank you, Jane!


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