>In the Comfy Chair: Death, Destruction, and Puppies


Terri Wilson, blogger at In the Comfy Chair, joins the Lance Henriksen blogathon this morning with a very amusing tally of all of her favorite Lance Henriksen’s “deaths” in movies and television programs over the years.   
In “Death, Destruction, and Puppies” Terri reminds us of the many (memorable) demises the character actor has suffered (for his art…).

It’s Lance Henriksen’s birthday today, so how about a little love for the man who’s been killed so often by so many. Here are just a few of my favorites. And for crying out loud, don’t read any further if you don’t want to know the ending of these movies!
Make sure to read the whole piece, and tally through all the maimings and murders.  Thanks, Terri!

5 responses to “>In the Comfy Chair: Death, Destruction, and Puppies

  1. >Thanks for including me, John! And by the way, that happens to be my favorite banner for the blogathon. How did you know?! It's your gift; it's your curse.

  2. >Hi Terri,Thank you for being involved, and giving us this great post. I really enjoyed it. When I first read it this morning (with that fantastic title…) I really had a good laugh. An inspired topic, if you ask me.When I visualized banners, I imagined trapping Mr. Henriksen in our blogathon, and hence found this image from Walkabout of him trying to get out of a room filled with crazies. He can't escape us! :)best,John

  3. >Clever, short and sweet, like some of his parts. Very nice entry. SFF

  4. >SFF:Totally agree! This one made me laugh. A very unique and worthwhile piece.best,JKM

  5. >This was so much fun to read. Good one by Terri.

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