>MOVIES MADE ME: Horror and Comics


This morning, Joe Maddrey at Movies Made Me takes us through a survey of the artists who contributed pieces to the newly released Lance Henriksen biography, Not Bad for a Human.

The limited edition of Lance Henriksen’s biography came about because of a conversation I had with horror writer Steve Niles. I knew Steve as the creator of 30 DAYS OF NIGHT, CRIMINAL MACABRE and EDGE OF DOOM. What I didn’t know at the time was that Steve had recently become a very vocal advocate for creator-owned comics and do-it-yourself publishing. When I mentioned Lance’s biography to him, he not only offered to publish it, but he also began to rally some of his favorite artists to illustrate it.
In a blog post announcing the project, Steve said, “Our hope is that by combining Lance’s book with some of comics top talent, then maybe we can each find new fans.” A few weeks later, with his campaign in full swing, he added, “I’m now going to make an effort to reach out to possible fans OUTSIDE the [comics] bubble. I know a lot of Horror Fans and Science Fiction fans who don’t read comics.” (He further explained his agenda in a recent interview with Meltdown Comics.) In the past few years I’ve become one of those people, but this project has re-introduced me to the world of comics. As I began to explore the works of the artists who have contributed to Henriksen’s bio, I began to realize just how close the worlds of comics and genre film really are. Here’s a visual crash course…

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