>Gris Gris: I wanna do bad things with you.

>The intrepid and prolific Jane Considine at Gris Gris makes her fourth contribution to the blogathon today, with a fascinating look at Jesse Hooker, Lance Henriksen’s frightening character in the horror classic, Near Dark.   The piece is titled, “I wanna do bad things with you.”


Mr. Henrikson basically starved himself prior to filming, and it shows. Jesse is positively skeletal, which is appropriate. He looks like Death that has come for you, and indeed he is. Lance/Jesse took some roadtrips, and he deliberately made himself look like a drifter, hungry, very hungry and gritty looking. He picked up a hitchhiker on this roadtrip, and he messed with him. He told him to roll a cigarette, and then mercilessly berated him about what a bad job he had done with it. In the clip about this, Mr. Henrikson says that he was sure this guy thought he was going to die. And he laughs. We get that.
Thank you, Jane, for another awesome post!

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