>Randomaniac: Spotlight on—Lance Henriksen in John Woo’s Hard Target


I had to step away from the Lance Henriksen blogathon briefly yesterday, and when I returned today I found more excellent posts to wrap up the week.
So — here we go!  David Steece at Randomaniac presents “Spotlight on – Lance Henriksen in John Woo’s Hard Target.

Lance Henriksen has been making, on average, three and a half movies a year for fifty years. He’s a true working man’s actor, and the sheer diversity of material that people have written about for this blogathon attests to that fact. Even more so than most beloved character actors, Lance has absolutely no fear of a bad script. Most of his movies are Z-grade; however, in every role I’ve seen him in, he brings an ambiguity to his characterization. His most famous role, as Bishop in the A+ Alien series is a case study in an actor fleshing out the murkiest areas of “personality” and “emotion.
Thanks, David, for an excellent contribution to the week-long celebration!

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