>The Cult-TV Faces of: Mom


Identified by Jane Considine: Morticia Addams (Carolyn Jones): The Addams Family.

Identified by Jane Considine: Yvonne De Carlo as Lily Munster: The Munsters.

Identified by Jane Considine: June Lockhart as Maureen Robinson: Lost in Space.

Identified by Jane Considine: Jane Wyatt as Amanda Grayson in Star Trek: “Journey to Babel”

Identified by Meredith: Suzanne Neve as Mrs. Straker, UFO: “A Question of Priorities”

Identified by Doug La Lone: Erica Hagen as Mrs. Marshall, Land of the Lost: “Album”

Identified by Meredith: Cyd Hayman as Sue Crawford on Space:1999: “Alpha Child”

Identified by Will: Jane Seyour as Serina in Battlestar Galactica (original series)

Identified by Russ: Blair Tefkin as Robin in V: The Series (“Breakout”)

Identified by n: Gretchen Corbett as June Sterling in Otherworld.

Identified by J.D.: Grace Zabriskie as Mrs. Palmer on Twin Peaks (pilot episode).

Identified by Russ: Dr. Jill Brock (Kathy Baker) in Picket Fences.

Identified by Anonymous: Nancy Paul as Sally Brogan on Space Precint

Identified by Will: Debrah Farentino as Devon Adair in Earth 2.

Identified by Russ: Catherine Black (Meghan Gallagher) in Millennium.

Identified by J.D.: Kristine Sutherland as Joyce Sommers in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Identified by Russ: Gillian Anderson as Dr. Dana Scully in The X-Files.

Identified by Toby O’B and Jane Considine: Lena Olin as Irina Derevko in Alias.

Identified by Will: Annette O’Toole as Martha Kent, in Smallville.


16 responses to “>The Cult-TV Faces of: Mom

  1. >#5) UFO, Mary Straker played by Suzanne Neve. I'm a little fuzzy on the exact episode, maybe 'A Question of Priorities'? (been a while since I watched the entire series!)#7) Space:1999, 'Alpha Child', Sue Crawford played by Cyd Hayman~~Meredith

  2. >Ah, good to see Mrs. Palmer from TWIN PEAKS and Joyce from BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER in there. 2 of my fave genre mothers.

  3. >Hello my friends!Meredith: Yes, you correctly identified two Gerry Anderson production Moms, Suzanne Neve as Mrs. Straker in UFO ("A Question of Priorities") and Cyd Hayman as Sue Crawford in Space:1999's terrifying "Alpha Child."J.D. More excellent identifications, sir. Mrs. Palmer (Grace Zabriskie) from the amazing Twin Peaks, and Joyce Sommers (Kristine Sutherland) from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.Outstanding jobs!!!!best,JKM

  4. >2 – The Mom from the Munsters? – going out on a limb and trying to restrain myself from using Google for fun.9 – Robin from V, perhaps the TV series post-Final Battle, because of the hair?12 – The Mom from Picket Fences?15 – Katherine Black (Meghan Gallagher) from Millennium (Featuring Lance Henriksen's blurry head in honor of the blog-a-thon)17 – Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) from the X-FilesThanks again!

  5. >Hi Russ,Nice identifications, there.You correctly named # 9 (Robin [Blair Tefkin]) from V: The Series, in the episode "Break-out."And also Kathy Baker as Dr. Jill Brock in Picket Fences.Then, you also got correct Catherine Black (Meghan Gallagher) from Millennium, and Gillian Anderson as Dana Scully from The X-FilesNice job, Russ!!!!best,JKM

  6. >Geek cred and age come into play here;)1. Carolyn Jones as Morticia Addams2. Yvonne De Carlo as Lily MunsterAnd if some of you younger fan boys google images of the above, you will find it rewarding…Just a tip;)3. June Lockhart as Maureen Robinson4. Jane Wyatt as Amanda Grayson (Spock's Mom)The Buffy, Twin Peaks, Millenium Moms, I got those…18. is Lena Olin, not sure of what series, but it reminds me I need to watch "Romeo is Bleeding" again. Ferocious.

  7. >19. Martha Kent, Smallville14. Earth Two Linda Farentino8. Serena Battlestar Galactica, Jane Seymour4. Jane Wyman, Mrs Sarek

  8. >10!!! It's June Sterling from Otherworld!!

  9. >More excellent identifications, here.Jane: Wow! You nabbed four more of these gallery identifications. You correctly recognized Carolyn Jones, Yvonne De Carlo, June Lockhart and Jane Wyatt. You also recognized Lena Olin, but not the series…so we'll hold that one for now! 🙂 Fantastic job! Will: You took three of these off the table. Annette O'Toole as Martha Kent from Smallville, Debrah Farentino as Devon Adair in Earth 2, and Jane Seymour as BSG's Serina.And N — wow, super obscure one here — you recognized Gretchen Corbett as Otherworld's June Sterling.Fantastic job, everyone. You all rock!!!!best,JKM

  10. >Hi John, Just a guess but is #6 Erica Hagen from the "Album" episode of season one of "Land Of The Lost". Watched all of season one recently with my kids and they loved it. Thanks

  11. >Doug:AMAZING!!!!That was a super tough identification, and you nailed it! That's Erica Hagen from Land of the Lost's "Album." Wow!Great job,JKM

  12. >Well, it looks like I'm almost too late to play along, but at least there are two options still unidentified.I'm fairly certain that's Lena Olin as she appeared in 'Alias'. She was also late to the game, showing up a few years into the show's run as Jennifer Garner's mother. I don't want to resort to the IMDb, but I know she had a Russian sounding name.As for the other woman? Wow, she looks so familiar and the clothing and interior design has an 80s feel to it…. that's going to be a head scratcher!

  13. >Hi Toby,Great job. That's Lena Olin from the J.J. Abrams series Alias. She played Sydney Bristow's Mother, Irina Derevko! Great job!As for the last…she's a toughie!Great job!best,John

  14. >Could number 13 be someone from SeaQuest? Just a wild guess here.Cheers from Iceland!- Jósef

  15. >13. Nancy Paul as Sally Brogan

  16. >Anonymous:Yep, you nailed it. Our last identification on cult-tv Moms. That's Nancy Paul as Sally Brogan (from Space Precinct).Great job!!!best,JKM

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