>The Cult-TV Faces of: The Hologram


Identified by Meredith: Landru in Star Trek: “Return of the Archons.”


Identified by Meredith: Aarchon in Space:1999’s “Voyager’s Return.”

Identified by Hugh: Automan (1983)

Identified by Dr. Howard Margolin: Danica McKellar  in The Twilight Zone (1985):  “Her Pilgrim Soul.”

Identified by Hugh: Star Trek: The Next Generation: “The Arsenal of Freedom,” Vincent Schiavelli.

Identified by Hugh: Red Dwarf’s Rimmer (Chris Barrie)

Identified by Hugh: Al (Dean Stockwell) in Quantum Leap.

Identified by Hugh: Selma in Time Trax.

Identified by PDXWiz: W. Morgan Sheppard as The Professor in SeaQuest DSV


Identified by Hugh: The Doctor (Robert Picardo) in Star Trek: Voyager

Identified by PDXWiz: James Darren as Vic Fontaine in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Identified by woodchuckgod: Rommie (Lexa Doig) in Andromeda.

6 responses to “>The Cult-TV Faces of: The Hologram

  1. Ah, yes, it is Danica McKellar… I really enjoyed her on The Wonder Years. How many of us were like Kevin on that show? Just about the right age, too. I greatly loved the Trek spoof, where Kevin and his friends were wearing kid-sized Original Series uniforms and acting out Spock's Brain, and Danica played the leader of the female aliens (the Marj Dusay role), wearing a costume just like they did, too. Classic tv moment, and Fred Savage properly acted like Kirk/Shatner in that scene!I loved the 80s TZ revival. I saw about 1/3 of the episodes from the first two years. There were many excellent stories that I felt ranked well with the Original Series, especially the Kennedy episode with Andrew Robinson, Profile in Silver. I was hooked from the first episode, with the story A Little Peace and Quiet. I just wish I'd had a VCR then so I could've taped episodes; for a while, I worked the nights it aired here in my city. The humor in episodes like Wish Bank was as funny as classic episodes like the one where Shakespeare was summoned by Julius Moomer to the present via black magic, The Bard. The horror and shock were better overall in the original series, and the noirish results from being in black and white were unparalleled. But they were able to gain an incredible amount of talent for the new series, rivalling the original. If only they hadn't had to split creative forces with those who worked on Amazing Stories…Gordon Long

  2. #2 is from Planet of the Apes TV series where Verdon, Burke & Galen find an old computer

  3. Will:You are correct, sir! #2 is from Planet of the Apes: "The Legacy."Brilliantly-done!best,John

  4. Is #2 from the Planet of the Apes TV show? I think it was the recorded greeting for some sort of computer archive.

  5. 11. Bob Sherman as Alden Humes in SPACE PRECINCT ("Body and Soul").

  6. Anonymous:You are correct. That image is from Space Precinct indeed.Great job with a tough identification.best,JKM

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