The Cult TV Faces of: The Lycanthrope

Identified by Will: Quentin (David Selby) in Dark Shadows.

Identified by Will: Kolchak the Night Stalker (1974): “The Werewolf”

NOT IDENTIFIED: The Monster Squad (1976)

Identified by BT: “Werewolf” (The Series) (1987)

Identified by BT: Kate Hodge in She-Wolf of London (1990)

Identified by BT: The X-Files: “Shapes”

NOT IDENTIFIED: Charmed: “The Wendigo”

Identified by Chris G: Oz in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

NOT IDENTIFIED: Wolf Lake: “The Changing”

NOT IDENTIFIED: Smallville: “Skinwalker”

NOT IDENTIFIED: Supernatural: “Heart”

NOT IDENTIFIED: The Dresden Files: “Hair of the Dog”

Identified by Chris G: Benwolf in Ben 10 (2008).

NOT IDENTIFIED: True Blood (Season 3)


14 responses to “The Cult TV Faces of: The Lycanthrope

  1. 1 Dark Shadows2. Night Stalker3. She Wolf of London aka Love & Curses (second season)still have a huge crush on Kate Hodge. She's doing commercials for calcium pills

  2. Groovy photos! Hmm, I don't know werewolves as well as I do vampires. I guess #2 looks like it could be on a ship, and that, combined with the look of his white shirt, makes me think of the Kolchak: The Night Stalke episode called "The Werewolf".

  3. Hello folks!Will: Great identifications there, my friend. You accurately recognized # 1 as David Selby (Quentin) in Dark Shadows and #2 as being from Kolchak: The Night Stalker ("The Werewolf").Image #3, however, is not from Love or Curses or She Wolf of London. Excellent guess, however…And PDXWiz, you accurately tagged the second image from Kolchak, "Werewolf," but Will just beat you to it, buddy.Excellent job to you both!regards,John

  4. #5 is she wolf of london. is #6 robert picardo from the Howling?

  5. And let me just second the love for Kate Hodge. She made "The Hidden 2" almost worth watching.

  6. BT:Great job! #5 is indeed Kate Hodge from She-Wolf of London. I sure yours (and Will's) admiration for this actress. I loved her in Leatherface: texas chainsaw 3 too. I'm actually currently re-watching She-Wolf of London, and it's a blast. She's not just gorgeous, she's really charming. The camera loves her, as my old film professor like to say.But now # 6 is not Picardo (as Alex Trebek would remind you — remember the category, cult TV!)Still, great job!best,John

  7. My bad. Didn't notice the TV part. #6 is the X-Files."Shapes".

  8. Hi BT!Yep, #6 is from the first season X-Files adventure "Shapes." Great job!All my best,John

  9. Hi BT!Yep, #6 is from the first season X-Files adventure "Shapes." Great job!All my best,John

  10. OK, I'm going with "Werewolf" the TV series for #4, then I think I'm done with guessing, as the others don't look remotely familiar. Except 14.

  11. Hi BT,Well, you nailed it! #4 is the Fox series "Werewolf" from 1987 indeed. Wish we would finally get a DVD release on this one…Great job. I'll be curious to see if #14 rings any bells for you…best,JKM

  12. Damn I meant 5 instead of 3. It's just I kept going in sequence

  13. Is #8 from Buffy?Is #13 from Ben 10?

  14. Chris G:Awesome identifications! Both of your gallery ids are correct. #8 is Oz from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And #13 is indeed Benwolf from Ben10. Excellent!best,John

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