The Cult-TV Faces of: Amazing Colossal Giants and Incredible Shrunken Men

Identified by Hugh: The Twilight Zone: “The Invaders.”

Identified by Will: The Twilight Zone: “The Little People.”

Identified by Dave: Lost in Space: “There Were Giants in the Earth.”

Identified by Dave: Land of the Giants (1968).

Identified by Dave: Fantastic Voyage (1968).

Identified by Hugh: Star Trek: “Requiem for Methuselah.”

Identified by Will: Star Trek: The Animated Series: “The Infinite Vulcan.”

Identified by Will: Dr. Shrinker (1977).

Identified by Hugh: Dr. Who: “The Invisible Enemy.”

Identified by Michael Falkner: Star Trek: Voyager: “Death Wish.”

Identified by Will: Star Trek Deep Space Nine: “One Little Ship.”

Identified by Hugh: Buffy the Vampire Slayer: “Fear Itself.”

6 responses to “The Cult-TV Faces of: Amazing Colossal Giants and Incredible Shrunken Men

  1. Hi,3. Lost In Space 'There Are Giants In The Earth'4. Land Of The Giants (1968)5. Fantastic Voyage (1968)That's as many as I can guess before I've had my first cup of coffee!

  2. 1. Twilight Zone2. Land of the Giants3. Lost in Space4. Six Million Dollar Man5. Fantastic Voyage6. Star Trek9. Doctor Who11. Babylon 512. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

  3. 2. Another Twilight Zone episodes where they find a planet of tiny people7. Star Trek Animated, Infinite Vulcan (?)8. Dr Shrinker11. Star Trek: deep Space 9

  4. Hello, everybody!Dave, Hugh and Will: Between the three of you, you have successfully identified 11 of the 12 images this week! Amazing work! The only one not yet identified is # 10…best,John

  5. #10 is Star Trek: Voyager. I know it's a Q episode, and I want to say that it's one of them with Q's son.

  6. Michael:Bing! #10 is indeed from Star Trek Voyager. It's a Q episode, all right, from the second season, entitled "Death Wish." In this episode, Q2 turns Voyager into a Christmas ornament (!) to hide from Q1. I always thought it was funny product placement for Hallmark…Great job remembering that moment from 1996!best,John

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