Kasterborous: A PodKast with James (and me…)

The wonderful and erudite James McLean, one of the guiding forces behind Back to Frank Black, interviews me for his Doctor Who-themed podcast at Kasterborous, right here
The conversation is a wide-ranging one that involves many aspects of Dr. Who, from classic to new.  We cover Doctor “preferences,” and the development of “arc”-storytelling in television, among other topics. 
The discussion lasts a whopping eighty minutes, and was a lot of fun, at least after I got over my initial confusion about when I actually wrote my Critical History of Dr. Who book.  I start out saying I wrote it second and it came out fourth, and then I changed my mind about that “fact”…all in the span of two minutes! 
I guess that’s how I officially know I’m old (or “decrepit,” in the words of James: I can’t remember things that happened back in 1997…).
Anyway, I hope you”ll check out the podcast.  I had a blast spending time with James discussing our favorite Time Lord.
And here are a few words on my book, A Critical History of Dr. Who:
“In addition to screening the episodes and talking about things like cinematography, story structure and special effects, Muir discusses behind-the-scenes players and the politics of the show. Muir links many stories to other TV shows and films, revealing an impressive breadth of knowledge that contextualizes the show and draws useful connections.” – SFRA Review
“an extensive guide…an excellent reference…will be an indispensable reference. The episode guide alone is a fan-fiction writer’s dream come true…a must-have resource for fans and a useful tool for navigating the show’s history for scholars…” –  Science Fiction Studies
“…[has] everything you would want to know about the show and who appeared in it”— Little Shoppe of Horrors
“definitive…covers almost every element of Doctor Who…provides excellent information on the series…scholarly…a strong bibliography and an outstanding index…the strongest of critical works on the program…a must” —  Earthbound Time Lords
“ All fans of the series will find this book necessary reading”— Cult Movies
“essential…provides critical and historical examinations of the ideas, morals and philosophies contained in the hit television series…for avid Dr. Who fans”—Midwest Book Review.

One response to “Kasterborous: A PodKast with James (and me…)

  1. Very cool. I will check it out. Congrats and thanks, John.

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