The Cult TV Faces of: The Lost

Identified by Will: The Twilight Zone: “The Odyssey of Flight 33.”

Identified by Hugh: The cast of Gilligan’s Island.

Identified by Hugh: The Robinsons (and Robot) in Lost in Space: “The Reluctant Stowaway.”

Identified by Big Nick 0: It’s About Time.

Identified by Hugh: The New People (1969)

Identified by Hugh: The Marshalls in the original Land of the Lost.

Identified by Will: Valley of the Dinosaurs.

Identified by Unknown: Planet of the Apes: “Escape from Tomorrow.”

Identified by Hugh: Space:1999: “Breakaway.”

Identified by Hugh: Patrick Duffy as Mark Harris in The Man from Atlantis.

Identified by SGB: The Fantastic Journey

Identified by Hugh: The cast of The Lost Saucer.

Identified by Hugh: the cast of Otherworld (pilot episode).

Identified by Will: SeaQuest DSV: “Splashdown.”


Identified by Will: Star Trek: Voyager: “The 37s.”

Identified by Will: Farscape: “Premiere.”

Identified by Will: Andromeda, pilot.

Identified by Hugh: the cast of Lost.


13 responses to “The Cult TV Faces of: The Lost

  1. 2 Gilligan's Island3 Lost in Space5 The New People6 Land of the Lost9 Space: 199910 Man from Atlantis12 The Lost Saucer13 Otherworld19 Lost

  2. 8: Planet of the Apes (TV Series)

  3. 1 twilight Zone7 Valley of the Dinosaurs8 Planet of the Apes TV series14 Seaquest16 Star Trek Voyager17 Farscape18 Andromeda

  4. 11. Looks like something out of X-Files14. I'd say SeaQuest. Pretty difficult to make out, but I think one of the two is the big Dagwood, er… the director of SG-1. Peter DeLuise.16. ST Voyager. Maybe "Basics"?17. Farscape. I think.18. Andromeda being rescued from the event horizon. I think that was in the pilot episode.

  5. 8)Planet of the Apes TV series

  6. Hi everybody,Great identifications of these cult-tv missings persons or "lost" folks. I'll tally up all the identifications, but it looks like we still have outstanding number four, number eleven, and number fifteen!Great job, all!Regards,John

  7. Number 4 is from "It's About Time", I believe. Number 11 looks VERY familiar but I can't place it. No idea about 15. Why no shot from "Earth 2" ? I loved that show.. I guess they were lost, sort of.-Nick

  8. BigNick0,Excellent job on #4 — that's from It's About Time, indeed. Amazing catch.I also loved Earth 2. Don't know why I didn't think to include an image. Were they lost? I'm not sure that they were, but not entirely sure they weren't, either. Good point!best,John


  10. Hi SGB:Yes, correct on both counts (though Big Nick 0 beat you to the punch on # 4). Still, a fantastic job, my friend!Best,John

  11. 15. Babylon 5. The episode where Sinclair and Garibaldi are forced to march across the Martian desert.

  12. Hi Howard,#15 is not Babylon 5, though that is an excellent guess, my friend. So #15 is still on the table!best,John

  13. #15 – The crashed Maximal Ship from Transformers: Beast Wars.

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