The Cult-TV Faces of: Dinosaurs

Identified by Will: The Twilight Zone: “The Odyssey of Flight 33.”

Identified by cute or kill: Dr. Who: “Invasion of the Dinosaurs.”

Identified by Will: Valley of the Dinosaurs

Identified by Will: Land of the Lost: “Tag Team.”

Identified by Will: Dinosaurs.

Identified by Anonymous: Land of the Lost (1991).

Identified by Will: The X-Files: “Quagmire.”

Identified by Anonymous: Dinobot in Beast Wars.

Identified by Will: Star Trek Voyager: “Distant Origins.”


Identified by Chris G.: The dinosaur children of Dinosaur Train.

Identified by Will: Primeval.

Identified by Will: Terra Nova


11 responses to “The Cult-TV Faces of: Dinosaurs

  1. 1. Twilight Zone, the lost airliner3. Valley of the Dinosaurs4. in the "Land of the Lost"5. Dinosaurs, baby Sinclair and "not the momma" Sinclair7. X Files9. Voyager, "Distant Origins" (?)12. Primeval13. Terra Nova

  2. Hi Will!Excellent job nailing the majority of dinosaur images in this gallery. All your identifications are — as usual — right on the money. Great,John

  3. 2. Doctor Who "Invasion of the Dinosaurs"

  4. Hi Cute or Kill:Great job with that identification from Dr. Who! Excellent!best,John

  5. 11 is from Dinosaur Train.

  6. 8 is Dinobot from Transformers Beast Wars

  7. Hi Chris G and Anonymous!Chris: #11 is indeed from the educational PBS series "Dinosaur Train." Great job recognizing the critters!And Anonymous, you identified my favorite of all transformers, the Predacon-turned-Maximal Dinobot of Beast Wars! Outstanding!regards,John

  8. #10 is from Sliders, isn't it?

  9. Hi Chadzilla,#10 could be from Sliders, certainly, but it isn't. Think of something more (professor…) Challenging…best,John

  10. #6 is 'Scarface' from the 1990's version of 'Land of the Lost'.

  11. Anonymous: You are correct! That's Scarface from the remake of Land of the Lost.

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