The Sonic Energizer (Fantastic Journey)


4 responses to “The Sonic Energizer (Fantastic Journey)

  1. Thank you for the images.The Sonic Energizer, the Sonic screwdriver, sonic lipstick. To paraphrase, 'If it's not SONIC it's crap!' : )

  2. Hi, John – Great to see some close shots of the actual sonic energizer prop! I found my version of it, the one my dad made for me when I was a kid. It's not terribly screen accurate… :)I'd still be happy to send you a couple photos if you like. Shall I just use the email address in your blogger profile? If there's another you'd prefer, you can send it to me privately at jason @…

  3. When in doubt, the handle of a Swiffer duster works for a stand-in sonic engergizer. Doesn't light up or heal anybody though.

  4. SFF: The sonic energizer is great, isn't it? I love it. Great design, I think. I really want one.Jason: Thank you! That is so awesome. Please e-mail me at, and send me the pics. I would love to see it. Let me know if you want me to post it, or you would prefer I not. But either way, I really want to see it. It is so great that you found it. I know it must mean a lot to you, in terms of childhood memories. George: Ha! A swiffer duster…does it have the tuning fork at the end though? :)best,John

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