Cloned from a Mutual Zygote # 4: Dragos and Lord Dredd

(First suggested by Dr. Howard Margolin, host of Destinies: The Voice of Science Fiction)

7 responses to “Cloned from a Mutual Zygote # 4: Dragos and Lord Dredd

  1. I recently picked up the Captain Power dvd set (which is excellent) and the creator of the show confirms that Lord Dredd comes a year before Star Trek TNG's the Borg. That would include not only the character, but the process of being assimilated digitally.

  2. TsH:I'm looking forward to the DVD set of Captain Power too. I still have old VHS episode compilations, but not the whole series. Can't wait!In terms of the Borg and Dredd, that may be true. But of course, The Cybermen were also a cybernetic race using humans as resources (spare parts), well before Captain Power. You can't copyright an idea; because it all comes down to presentation. Great comment!best,John

  3. You could also add in the Ko-Dan leaders from "The Last Starfighter" as well. Although they did have tree-faces.

  4. BT:Oh yes, the Ko-Dan from The Last Starfighter! Good call. I love that movie…best,John

  5. You could even go with Deathlok from the comic books. There was a lot of splitting on this one. 🙂

  6. Thanks for the credit, John.

  7. SFF: Another great idea, my friend.and Howard: Absolutely. You came up with this (years ago, if I recall…) and it was a perfect fit for this series, so I wanted to honor you for coming up with it!best,John

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