Collectible of the Week: Zeo Deluxe Pyramidas (Bandai; 1996)

“The new ZEO ZORDS: To help the ZEO RANGERS defend the world from the new menace of MACHINE QUEEN, ZORDON gives them the ZEO ZORDS – robotic battle machines. When more power is needed, the ZEO ZORDs morph together to form even stronger combinations. Will they be powerful enough to defeat MACHINE QUEEN?”

– The legend that appears on Pyramidas’s toy box.
Power Rangers Zeo (1996) — a sequel or continuation to Mighty Morphin Power Rangers brought new suits, new gadgets, new robots, and most importantly, new toys to the rapidly expanding Power Rangers (Super Sentai) universe.
Among the most unique — and most awe-inspiring due to its scale — was Pyramidas, a crucial element of the new “Zeo Zord System.” 
Specifically, Deluxe Pyramidis, the “carrier Zord,” could combine with the Deluxe Red Battlezord and the Deluxe Zeo Megazord to form the devastating Zeo Ultrazord.
Got that?
The colossal Pyramidas, who is well over a foot tall, could even transform into four modes on his own:
Pyramid mode, carrier mode, attack mode (as a robot) and “open mode” where he could hold all the Zeo Zords inside three separate and distinct interior chambers.
My five year old son and I both enjoy not just giant combining robots, but play sets, and Pyramadis is, effectively, both. 
The only problem is that Pyramidas is so large, Joel has some trouble manipulating him.  I can’t stress it enough…this thing is huge.  He’s a goliath in our living room (much to my wife’s chagrin).
Although I’m not a huge fan of the Power Ranger TV series — I simply haven’t watched enough of them to really get into that universe — I’m an absolute sucker for the franchie toys, and the Zeo Zords seem like some of the best in terms of design.  Joel seems to agree.  He already has the Deluxe Zeo Megazord, Pyramidis, the Super Zeo Megazord and Warrior Wheel.  On the look-out for Auric…
Interestingly, Joel also boasts no interest in the actual Rangers or the “evil space aliens” they fight. 
Nope.  This is all about the toys, and Pyramidas (as I hope the photos reveal) is a pretty darn amazing one.


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