Television and Cinema Verities: In the Words of the Creators # 4

“I knew Rod [Serling] and he knew me as a director, and he was a splendid person to work with, and a real supporter.  He called me up and asked me to meet him for drinks.  Well, once we were at the bar, Serling told me he was going to be producing and writing an anthology series of his own. He assured me that The Twilight Zone was going to be pure fantasy, with no discussion of proof of psychic powers…[H]e was a class act.  He just wanted to let me know, in person, that he wasn’t going to rip us off.”
One Step Beyond host and director John Newland (1917 – 2000) on his meeting with Rod Serling, prior to the first airing of The Twilight Zone in 1959.  From Filmfax Plus #101, Jan/March 2004, page 97.

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