The Cult-TV Faces of: The Derelict

Identified by Chris G: The Twilight Zone: “Death Ship.”


Identeified by Hugh: Lost in Space: “The Derelict.”

Identified by Chris G: Star Trek (The Botany Bay) in “Space Seed.”

Identified by Chris G: Star Trek: The Animated Series: “Beyond the Farthest Star.”

Identified by SGB: Space:1999: “Space Warp.”

Identified by SGB: Space Academy: “Castaways in Time & Space”

Identified by Hugh: Blake’s 7 (The Liberator) in “Space Fall.”

Identified by Will: Battlestar Galactica: “Greetings from Earth.”

Identified by Will: Buck Rogers in the 25th Century: (The Demeter) in “Space Vampire.”

Identified by Will: Star Trek: The Next Generation: “Booby Trap.”

Identified by SGB: SeaQuest DSV: “Such Great Patience.” 

Identified by Dr. Howard Margolin: Space Precinct: “Body and Soul”

Identified by Chris G: The X-Files: “Dod Kalm.”

Identified by Michael Falkner: Farscape: The Zelbinion in “PK Tech Girl”

Identified by Will: Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda “Under the Night.”

Identified by Brian: Firefly: “Bushwacked”

Identified by jay-jay: SGU: The Destiny.


14 responses to “The Cult-TV Faces of: The Derelict

  1. I think #1 is from Twilight Zone.#3 is Star Trek, possibly "Space Seed."#4 is Star Trek: The Animate Series, I think from "Beyond the Farthest Star."#13 is possible from The X-Files.

  2. Hi Chris,Great job, you just took four gallery images off the table and out of the game. All four of your answers were correct, sir! Well done!best,John

  3. I sent an email earlier and looks like it got lost7 Blake's 78 Buck Rogers9 Battlestar Galactica, original10 Star trek TNG12 Space 199915 Andromeda

  4. #5 Space:1999 "Space Warp"#6 Space Academy#8 Battlestar Galactica "Greetings From Earth"(I used your book An Analytical Guide To Television's BSG to list correct episode. Excellent book.)#9 Battlestar Galactica#10 Next Generation "Booby Trap"#11 SeaQuest DSV#15 Gene Roddenberry's AndromedaSGB

  5. Hi Will,Sorry to hear your first comment got sucked into the Blogger Vortex (and is now in the Bermuda Triangle, with Jared Martin and Ike Eisenmann…).But, heck, you picked off a number of gallery images here. In particular, you correctly recognized #8, #9, #10, and 15. #12 is actually not Space:1999, though I give you the fact that it looks incredibly Space:1999-ish. Here's a clue, it's a different show made by Gerry Anderson, only later!great job!best,John

  6. Hi SGB!Will beat you by just a hair on a few of your (correct) identifications, my friend, but you still tagged a number successfully!In particular, you grabbed #5 (Space:1999), #6 (Space Academy) and #11 (SeaQuest). And man, I've got to compliment you on #6 (SA). That was a super difficult and obscure one I put in there to throw people off…but you got it!Well played!And thank you for the kind remarks about my BSG book. I appreciate the words of,John

  7. 17. Destiny, from SGU

  8. Hi jay-jay,You are correct! #17 is the Destiny, from SGU. Nice job!best,John

  9. I believe #14 is the Zelbinion from Farscape.

  10. Well done, Michael! That is indeed the Zelbinion from Farscape!Great job!best,John

  11. Based on your clue, 12 must be from "Space Precinct."

  12. Hi Howard,Yessiree! #12 is indeed from "Space Precinct!" Well done, my,John

  13. Late to the party this week (too bad, I knew quite a few!) but I can give you the last one: #16 is from Firefly.

  14. Hi Brian,You finished the game, my friend. Outstanding, #16 is indeed from Firefly!brilliant job!best,John

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