Pop Art: Best of Trek/Signet Edition

As a teenager and avid Trekkie, I came of age in the 1980s absolutely loving these Signet book compilations from Trek magazine, edited by Walter Irwin and G.B. Love. 
I still enjoy the cover artwork tremendously, but you can see that my personal collection of these books is pretty dilapidated in old age. 
The telltale sign of many (enjoyable) readings, I suppose…
If you recall these books, they featured interviews with cast and crew, analyses of the various Star Trek episodes, and articles such as “The Klingons: Their History and Empire” (Best of Trek 1). 
I remember very fondly reading Best of Trek 3 in particular, which was the first compilation after the release of Star Trek: The Motion Picture.  I remember reading “Parallels in Star Trek: The Motion Picture vs. The Series” and fan reviews of the (controversial)  film. 
By the time of Best of Trek #15 in 1990, The Next Generation was being debated in essays such as “Same Sexism, Different Generation.”
I remember many fun hours reading these books, and soaking up fan knowledge and speculation about Star Trek.  I suppose these Best of Trek books provided me an early example, in my youth, of the fact that one could love science-fiction television with a passion and also write intelligently, deeply, and analytically about it.

Anyone else ever read these? 


4 responses to “Pop Art: Best of Trek/Signet Edition

  1. I LOVE these books. I re-read them all, several times. I always looked forward to the parodies (particularly "The Black and White Cookie Episode"), and it was this series that gave me my first taste of the animated show. Ah, this brings back memories!–Rich Handley

  2. Hi Rich,Oh my goodness, I also remember those parody articles/stories. And before DVD, the analysis of the Animated Series was really the only way to glean some meaningful taste of it. I also remember a nice retrospective of all the Gold Key Comics in one edition…I must have read these books all a dozen times each. As you can see, my copies are wrinkled and much-used. They went everywhere with me: on car and train trips, shopping, to school, etc…Glad to see this pop art remembrance also struck a chord with you, my friend. best,John

  3. Very, very cool cover art. However, I never did read these. Thanks, John.

  4. Hi Le0pard13:I love the cover art too. I haven't read the books in some years, but I read them religiously for years and years as a teenager and young man. best,John

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