The Cult-TV Faces of: The Carnival/Circus

Identified by Dave Colohan: The Twilight Zone: “Perchance to Dream.”




Identified by Dave Colohan: Dr. Who: “Carnival of Monsters.”



Identified by Hugh: The Super Friends: “The Incredible Space Circus.”








Identified by Hugh: Dr. Who: “The Greatest Show in the Galaxy.”



Identified by Dave Colohan: The X-Files: “Humbug.”


Identified by Jay-Jay: Star Trek Voyager: “The Thaw.”

Identified by Dave Colohan: Carnivale (2003 – 2005).




10 responses to “The Cult-TV Faces of: The Carnival/Circus

  1. 3 Batman6 Krofft Supershow8 SuperFriends9 Heroes12 Doctor Who16 Carnivale

  2. Hello,1. The Twilight Zone – Perchance To Dream6. Doctor Who – Carnival of Monsters12. Doctor Who – The Greatest Show In The Galaxy14. The X Files – Humbug16. Carnivale17. Happy Town?Hope this finds ye well,Dave

  3. Happy Monday, everyone, and welcome to the Cult TV circus…Good identifications, everyone.Huge, you successfully nabbed #8 and #12 from the list, while Dave, you correctly identified #1, #6, #12, #14, and 16#Still outstanding: 2 – 5; 7; 9 – 11; 13, 15, 17.

  4. 15. ST Voyager: The Thaw.

  5. Hi Jay-jay: excellent identification. That's Michael McKean as the Clown in the second season Star Trek Voyager episode "The Thaw."best,John

  6. 17: Tobe Hooper's "The Funhouse"

  7. I am going way out on a limb to guess #9 is from "Wonder Woman".

  8. Just a wild guess, is #17 from the first episode of The Dead Zone.

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